Tales of Redemption

Quiet Contemplation
Reily on the wall

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
There are moments in each ones lives when they look back on their past life choices and wonder….could this life of mine been different? Mine is no different. I often wonder if I hadn’t swallowed that big bird toy as child would I be more willing to eat poultry. and today’s though was, what did i do wrong to get myself in this position. Hanging wildly from the 5th floor of an abandoned hospital seemed like a good idea at the time, but then again, slapping Lin’s rear while screaming “who’s your daddy” did as well, and I tell you this in confidence, that did not end well for me. At what point did I loose my common sense and think this was a good idea. Maybe it was that day I sunbathed nude at the Poko lounge during the solar equinox…. maybe it was the 4 liters of gasoline I drank on a bet with Hastings… maybe it was the day I posed as a hairdresser… maybe it was the tattoo of Wiley Coyote I got on my inner thigh…. maybe it was the even the time I dressed as Santa just to get in a girls panties… I don’t know. But looking back, I’m not sure I actually regret anything, except her……

So, back to the task at hand. undead ogre thing, fighting with us.

Hanging from the 5th floor I had a view into the 4th floor and got a vibe on where the action was happening. I let half the clip fly just after I heard someone, who sounded like Hastings, scream and I’m sure I hit something, let’s hope it wasn’t anyone I already know.

I look down to see the tree dragon enter the building. Dragons and dead things, always a recipe for disaster. Time to move. I made my way down to Ginger, powered her up and started blasting. The thing about powered robots and firearms is this, targeting is relatively a mute point when you’ve got this much firepower, area saturation is far more effective for both shock and awe. Unfortunately for my current train of thought, the things we are up against are neither impressed nor warded off by shock and awe. So instead I start taking out the corners of the buildings and dropping tons of rubble on them, and I do mean tons. lets hope the buildings hold out long enough for the B team to get out, I’d hate to have to go digging for them. Ronaldo is calling the targets, I’m happily shooting building and the human torch is lighting up the baddies. Doc’s looking for a safe spot and the rest are in the……..holy f’ing $hitballs, out the window comes; one giant green dragon, one partially bleeding necromancer and one rage-blind crazy. All tumbling, in slow motion to the ground. Now I’m not one for calling other people out, but I’m thinking my life choices are probably better then these guys, and far better than our hunter, who upon seeing these three falling decides that he’s going to leap through the air and snatch Hastings out from the grasp of the necromongeringogertonthing. Yea, great idea, how’d that work you ask? half of me wants to tell you not to ask, but the side of me that stares at a train wreck is kinda leading my thoughts at this point. This was by far the worst idea I could have imagined. First off he ended up clung to them like monkey on a tree branch during a hurricane. And if that’s not enough of an image for you, picture then that the tree dragon slows the group of would-be pavement marks down and creates a “controlled” decent. So, flying dragon, necromancer, Hastings, and finally Char, in what can only be described as a kite flying exerciser gone wrong. I did break a smile on that one. A for effort though.

Necro’s on the ground, Hastings’ on the ground, Char’s on the ground, Kizle is back in the air. Clear shot at the Necro……

I’ve said it before, I’ve never been a fan of the undead, and more so now then ever before. It seems that dead things are much harder to kill then living things. This thing gets up, from two barrels of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Awesomeness! he got up. Singed the armor and pissed him off, but HE GOT UP! However…he’s running. Away. Fast.

“Keep the pace, lay down suppressive fire and don’t let up until there’s either no enemy or no ground to chase him on” was something my CO’s used to drive into my head during drills. never thought I’d use it, but I’ll be damned, this little necro bastard took some time to drop. but through sheer determination, willpower and lots o’guns, he’s dead, or at least he looks dead. Only one way to be sure. Bodies don’t move when the head is no longer connected to it, unless your an unfortunate chicken, in which case you run around rampantly wondering where your head went. Necro here was no chicken. Dead is dead until its undead. Bloody fisted, I carried the body and head back to the rest of the group. head in one hand, carcase in the other. Something stunk, did i forget deodorant?

It’s at this moment I’ll mention the helicopters. I would have before but it would have disjointed the sorted tail of the killing something that’s already dead. Helicopters, there I said it. Coalition helicopters, dropping propaganda pamphlets? That’s a new one. The choppers hovered over shantytown and dropped what eventually we saw to be wanted posters, for none other than Groc……. I guess we’re back on target.

Time to head back to the APC and see if i can rig the heavy laser to Ginger, oooh and maybe the hover-bike engines, that would be epic. there’s that odor again……

Game Log Chapter 25

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Game Log Chapter 25
July 23, 105 PA

Johnathan is scaling his way down the outside of the hospital stops at the 5th floor.
Kizl on the first floor is told the Ogre up stairs is hoarding all the gold.
Hastings gets inside the range of the shadow spell and goes toe to toe with the Ogre.
The Ogre grabs Hastings by the head.
Hastings gets a slice in with his vibro sword.
The Ogre tries to throw Hastings out a window, but Hastings holds onto the Ogre.
Ogre than slams Hastings into the floor like a whip then throws Hastings out the window.
Johnathan makes his way into a window of the 4th floor and makes a shot on the Ogre then makes his way back out. Just after Johnathan makes his shot on the Ogre, Kizl appears on the 4th floor door/stairway.
While the action continues on the 4th floor the rest of the party makes their way outside along with the two “patients” from the 3rd floor.
Doc Wendell and Bert Redman take the “patients” back to the river to Shanty town.
Johnathan makes his way down to the robot while Ronaldo, ToeKar, and Char are watching for any Bone Fiends.
Kizl is scanning the room for treasure while watching the zombies move around the room. Kizl uses his gas breathe to attack the area Johnathan made his shot previously towards a dark shadow.
Hastings although thrown out a 4th floor window is in a “Crazy” rage rolls with the impact and goes running back into the building to charge the Ogre. Char sees Hastings reenter the building and follows him up the stairs.
Hastings runs past Kizl to engage the Ogre but is instead greeted by the zombies. Kizl joins Hastings in the battle against the zombies.
Char makes his way up to the 4th floor and discovers there are more undead making their way down the stairs and begins to hold off the flank for Kizl & Hastings.
Outside ToeKar, Ronaldo and Johnathan discover they are being watched and surrounded by the Bone Fiends hiding from around the corners of different buildings. Johnathan begins shooting with the robot at the building corners to try and bury the Bone Fiends.
Char holds off the mummies for a while until he decides he is going to get overwhelmed ad returns down the stairs to exit announcing his exit to Kizl & Hastings although Hastings is in a blind rage and hears nothing.
Kizl and Char with enhanced hearing hear loud military helicopters.
Ronaldo makes his way to the western corner of the hospital with ToeKar following where he knows there are Bone Fiends waiting. Ronaldo turns the corner with an “aha” and begins battle with 3 Bone Fiends with ToeKar following. The Bone Fiends are defeated.
Back on the 4th floor, Hastings & Kizl battle zombies until there are none to find the Ogre laying face down on the floor. Hastings tries to pick up the Ogre so he can throw him out the window only to find the Ogre was playing “possum”. The Ogre grabs Hastings while Hastings decides to still throw the Ogre out the window. Kizl flies out the window trying to slow the decent of Hastings by grabbing the ball of flesh (Ogre & Hastings). Kizl succeeds and lets go just as the fighting ball hits the ground rolling away from Kizl. Both Hastings and the Ogre roll to their feet ready to fight.
The Ogre finds himself surrounded in a crossfire of the entire group and decides to high tale it out of there. Johnathan pursues in the robot with Char and Hastings following.
The Ogre is being peppered by the Johnathan in the robot as he runs and makes a corner trying to flee at least some of the gunfire following. Char advances with Hastings in time for Char to make another head shot on the Ogre before rounding another corner. The Ogre falls to the ground.
While part of the group chases the Ogre, Ronaldo latches onto Kizl as he climbs the exterior of the hospital to look for the “noise” (helicopters). With enhanced vision the dragon can see papers being thrown out the helicopters that are all black with some skull symbol on the side. The helicopters then leave the area.
Johnathan places the robot on the Ogre and begins to sever the head from the body. An un-earthly scream is heard for miles.
Hastings continues to stab the body with a silver plated vibro sword.
who carried the head back?
A decision to leave is made because the group realizes they are close to the church area when they slayed the Ogre. The group returns to the beach to hire a boat to return to camp via the “Shanty” town area.
Smooth boat ride across the water with no “monster from the deep” showing its jaws.
The group finds flyers that the Coalition Helicopters were littering the launch and town area with. Johnathan and Hastings recognize the face while the rest decide it is a good target to get some money. While Johnathan tries to explain this wanted guy is trouble and good luck getting money out of the Coalition, Hasting upholsters his pistol and shoots the poster point blank in his hand. Luckily no one was a back board since Hasting did not look where the shot was going to go.
The group begins making their way to camp when Kizl decides to teleport back. Kizl finds 2 dead bodies and another half dead person laying against the APC. Kizl turned to find two bi-pedal dragon looking things standing guard to the path of the APC.
Kizl alerted the group and then tried to intimidate the two things with a loud roar that was heard for far around. The closer thing attacked Kizl while trying to bite and claw while Kizl did the same back. The remaining “Yema” was preparing a spell when the robot piloted by Johnathan towing Ronaldo made camp. Johnathan began firing on the back of the Yema that disturbed the spell while Ronaldo was launched forward into the Yema for a body block tackle. Char arrived next to help Johnathan and Ronaldo dispatch the Yema while Kizl continued fighting the other Yema.
ToeKar arrived just as Kizl separated himself from the Yema and with a psychic shot of fire disintegrated the Yema into ash.
A stranger badly hurt rests against the APC in dire need of medical attention.

Edit: Some Changes from the “others” segment.
Found around the APC after the Yema are destroyed.
There is a dead dwarf that had his neck broken near the tree line near the APC. The turret has been blown off the APC and is sitting on the behind “camp” side. The APC appears to be locked and the stranger is a woman who is injured, but does not appear to be life threatening although she is unresponsive and has her eyes wide open. No other dead bodies outside.

Departed Parties
It Follows

Drew Logan was following a path he had been hunting for the past few days while he and his mother camped during their travels. Drew noticed two sets of foot prints while following his previous path and then saw a doodle in the dirt while both travelers must have stopped by the imprints.

The doodle was a figure of a horse with a man walking beside it with a rope in hand.

Josh was warning him of trouble!

Drakon GleemGlenn ShinoHastingsJohnathan “Trigger” ReilyNathan Cross

The Hospitable Necromancer
The Dead Should Stay Dead

Ronaldo Escobar
I had just finished saving a damsel from the maw of a Metzlah, when I heard gunfire several blocks away. Pulling her out of the dead carcass’s tentacled clutches, I told her to head back across the river while I checked out the disturbance down the street. When I arrived, there was nothing to be seen besides the tracks of several Skeletons and Humans. A fight certainly happened, but it was brief and everyone had cleared out.

The human tracks joined up with some sort of robot and it wasn’t long before I heard the machine. The group of treasure hunters were at an old hospital, but what treasure they were seeking, I was at a loss. The robot, about two stories tall, was demolishing one side of the building while the rest entered through the front door.

With the amount of racket they were causing it was only a matter of time before every living and unliving thing came to check it out. I decided it was in all of our best interest to know friend from foe, so I approached the group, hands in the air and called out “Ola! Amigos!”

There were 5 in the foyer: Doctor, two bounty hunters, a dragon, and a Juicer. The man in the robot was mercenary. We agreed to explore the hospital together and that’s when things got weird.

Each floor was your standard hospital ward with 300 years of neglect. The entrance to the third floor though had what seemed to be a brand new plaque. Inside were spirits floating around and two humans. The spirits seemed harmless and after speaking with one of the humans, they were in good health, but still…there was a stench in the air I could not place. A feeling of darkness just around the corner. And then I saw it. An ogre wearing macabre armor walked onto the floor and warned the Merc to not go up to the next floor. That’s when it hit me. Necromancer’s lair. The dead should stay dead I always say.

I called out to my companions that now was the time to vanquish this foul creature and they responded with bullets and grenades. The Necrogre was one tough son of a bitch. He shrugged off just about anything they threw at him. We were going to have to pull out all the stops if we were going to close down this den of evil for good.

- an excerpt from Ronaldo Escobar’s sensational best seller “Danger: An Autobiography

Dragon Tales Episode 4: Kizl Wakes up Late

Kizl Nelithi
The sun was nice and warm. It made the sleeping dragon very comfortable. But it was bright, too. It was so bright that it woke up the dragon. “Oh no!” Kizl the Dragon said out loud when he woke up. “I slept too late!”

Kizl got up quickly from his sleeping place. He looked all around for his Human friends but could not find them. “They left without me,” he thought sadly. “I hope they save some treasure for me.” He wanted to run and find them right away.

But first he had to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. That would give him the energy he would need to start his day right. After eating his breakfast he brushed his teeth, too. Now he was ready to go find his friends.

“Wait up Human friends,” Kizl said out loud as he ran off to find them. “I want to play too!”

Kizl ran really fast and then flew across the water. He was a dragon! He spotted his human friends. The were heading into an old building to look for treasure. Kizl joined with them.

The some bad monsters appeared! Kizl helped his friends defeat the monsters.

“Let’s look for treasure together!” Kizl said to his human friends excitedly.

“You have some treasure already, Kizl,” they said back to him. “We want to find our own treasure today.”

Kizl was sad for a minute. But then he remembered about sharing. “Okay…” Kizl replied. “Can I still come with you and help?” He asked.

“Yes Kizl,” they agreed. “This is a dangerous place. You could wait here and keep us safe. Let us know if you see more monsters.”

“I can do that!” Kizl said to them proudly. They entered the building to look for their treasure. Kizl stood guard outside. “No bad monsters will come after my human friends while I’m around!”

The adventures in the stairwell
where do these stairs go? ....They go up!

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
The smell of fresh sea salt on eggs is a scent I miss, or at least i think i mess…..I smelled it once, or at least that’s what the innkeeper called it. I dream of having it for breakfast sometimes. This was not one of those nights however. Instead it was nightmares, again, or still. Breakfast consisted of doing my best to drown out the sounds of others voices by eating toasted squirrel with a side of fried yams made to look like home-fries, drowned in a brown sauce that was anything but identifiable. better not to know i suppose. Wash that down with a cup of black gold that was so horrible, the cup rusted through. Id almost rather be back in the nightmare, at least I could get a decent whiskey there. But there i go again, writing about the things nobody cares about…..really can we get some decent coffee at least though….

Anyway, the Ginger (the robot) is doing good, subsystems are at 78% and the framework seems stable. Weapon mounts are intact and structurally sound, and the electrical system is functional, could use a rebuild, but it should hold for a few months till i can get some new wiring and harnesses. Just wish i had some thrusters for it……..ooooh, idea!!!!!

The group decided this was the day to check the hospital. The hope was supplies could be attained there, this as all things was not the case, and as it were, a rather dull place was found. Now I’m not one for the supernatural, and the semi-transparent infantrymen in colonial garb standing outside the hospital should have been the first sign that this was not going to be a fruitful endeavor, but i was optimistic, my bad. After firing a volley from ginger that would have made a rabid wombat run in fear the semi-transparent soldiers dispersed. Sign number two should have been at this point, they didn’t fight back. but again, I was a bit giddy shooting things, so I did overlook this, again, my bad.

I entered on the second floor via exiting ginger (yes, she’s got a rust color…and the carpet matches the drapes). Hastings in hopping pursuit entered with me. The second floor was a mess, to be expected, it was a burnt out hospital. But this was nothing but junk. Junk! Everywhere! even in the old elevator shafts, floor to ceiling. we made our way to the stairwell, Hastings and I, and found there was a relatively new sign posting the safety and security of…..blah blah bah. I hate signs, especially ones written in several languages, that say “don’t enter”.

Hastings caught wind of a voice in the lower level that was not one of our own. Sounded foreign, but human. No gunfire, yet, must not be a major threat. Time to move up. Hastings on the other hand decided that down was a better direction.

3rd floor:
The room was in shambles, but there was activity, ghosts nurses and humans being treated. What kind of sick hell was this? This place was anything BUT a hospital, and even the bandages looked incorporeal (bet you didn’t think i knew that word). Something wrong was going on here, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. The patients seemed to be in good care, but why? Why would ghosts be helping people on this island? unless something foul was going on……. time to examine further….next floor.

4th floor:
This floor had a restricted access sign (my favorite) and was by appointment only. Guess I forgot about the appointment ginger made me last week, huh. Guess I should knock. The door opened, and what looked like what can only be described as the grim reaper, on a binge eating ritual, that continued for the last decade. He was huge, about 500lbs, maybe, with a hood and cloak and some kind of armor underneath, looked to be adorned with bones. After his basic boilerplate lip service: “go away”, “leave”, “by appointment only”, “begone”, “you don’t have an appointment with me” yadda yadda, he proceeded to go down the stairs…..leaving me unattended…at the top of the stairs…and the door was still partially open. And since I’m not one for looking a gift horse in the mouth (what the hell does that mean anyway!!) I went in. Let’s get this in perspective for anyone out there who actually gets this far into my journals. Ive seen plenty in my travels, birds picking through remains of beasts that smelled worse then they looked, body parts hanging from trees, and the occasional giant blood soaked ferret looking for food (they are kind of cure though). But nothing quite prepared me for this room. There were things….in cages….shuffling around. I could not identify them, but either they were suffering and needed to be put out of their misery or they were vile beasts and needed to be put out of their misery. Body parts hanging from hooks and chains, bloody rags in the corners of the visible room, and a stench of bloated, rotting, blood soaked wood. I had the tool for this job. Incendiary grenades are a wonderful thing, just saying.

Tossing one into the heaviest area of potential fire I proceeded to the next floor, or should I say floors…… as this being our typical exercise in futility, there was nothing to be found on any of the floors. except some junk and slow ass zombies. Oh didn’t I mention zombies? well as it turns out, they aren’t really affected by fire. I hate the supernatural, so many things to remember when fighting them. Fortunately for me, these fools were slower than passing a 20lb gall stone in winter. This hospital was indeed empty of viable supplies, and I can say this with certainty since I was the only one who actually searched the building. The rest of the crew decided that (with some minor prodding from myself) that the big guy that passed me on the stairs, needed an attitude adjustment. Hope they don’t get that doctor killed, he could be of use later.

So there I was, 7th floor, zombie infested penthouse, listening to gunfire on the 3rd floor, and having set the 4th floor on fire. Whats a guy to do? Blow a hole in the wall and scale down the building that’s what! Tossing in grenades as I get to each floor. Fun with fire? or lightening the load, those grenades were getting heavy….You decide! I’m off to help the B team kill something……

Chapter 24 - Synopsis

Hospital ruinsRonaldo Escobar

- Char was introduced to Dr. Wendell and Tarnath at the APC that morning.
- The group made their way to the hospital,
“We don’t know if the Gurgoyles are there, but it’s better than going to where we know they were.”
- John used his robot to open up floors one and two on the side of the hospital while the rest of the group entered via the main entrance like normal people.
- Ronaldo, upon hearing gunfire earlier made his way and tracked the group to the hospital.
- Upon hearing his approach, Char drew his gun and told him to identify himself
- Ronaldo told them he heard someone in trouble and was coming to offer his assistance.
- Learning he spoke Spanish, Hastings was delighted to engage him in “conversation”
- Hostilities suspended due to a request from John to go up stairs and check out the weirdness.
- To those that failed their save it appeared to be a 21st century hospital with doctors and nurses
- To those that made their save, it was as decrepit as the previous floors with walls and doors broken, or missing
- Johnathan went to go up to the third floor while the others interacted with what were actually ghosts
- He passed a security guard as well as a sign that said “Do not enter without an appointment”
- The guard warns him not to go, but he does anyway and sees a den of a Necromancer with bodies and parts, all over the place.
- Determining nothing good is here and that security is on the way, he throws an incendiary grenade behind him lightning the room on fire.
- Meanwhile Ronaldo has informed the group they are dealing with an Ogre Necromancer (disguised as the security guard) and goes to attack, but missed.
- A fight breaks out and nothing seems to phase the Ogre, but he is less concerned with the group and more concerned with going after John.
- John continues up to the top floor, and hangs out a window
- Ronaldo and Char help the two patients get out of the building, still not sure if they really are OK or not.
- The remaining group was engaged in hand to hand combat

Dragon Tales Episode 3: Kizl Hears a Sound.

Kizl Nelithi
Kizl the Dragon was hanging out on the beach with his friends. His best friend Jon was doing some work on a big metal suit of armor, so Kizl tried to help. But the metal machine was so complicated that there wasn’t much Kizl could do to help. This made Kizl sad.

But then a noise in the distance grabbed his attention! It repeated again and again for a short time, then it stopped. “That sounds like rail fire,” said the Human Hastings. Kizl curiously went to check it out with his friend. They saw lots of people who were running away. Once those people made it to the beach they got in their boats and left.

“But where did the noise come from,” Kizl and the Human Hastings wondered? Together they went to the top of a tall building so they could look around. That’s when they saw smoke, far away. “That must be where the noises came from,” they said. Kizl had flown over that place before so he knew how to get there. The two friends took off to investigate closer.

When they got closer Kizl could see monsters. He knew they were called Gurgoyles. They had big weapons and looked mean. The Human Hastings went to look for more of them. “I do hope he will be careful,” Kizl thought. Kizl could make it hard for people to see him, and he did that now so he could move and hide safely. He was able to sneak around all the Gurgoyles.

“It looks like they are guarding this building,” Kizl thought when he arrived at the smokey building. “I wonder what’s in there?” His human friends gave him a radio earlier so Kizl tried now to make it work. It was hard because he was too big and he had never used one before. But he finally got it to work and told his other Human friends where he was and what he saw.

Because Kizl was a magical dragon he had some cool special powers. One of them was that he could turn into a small animal, like a rat or bunny or a squirrel. He turned himself into a rat. “This should work,” he thought to himself. Then he sneaked past all the monsters and into the building.

“Good thing I’m low to the ground,” thought Kizl the Dragon to himself. “When there’s smoke in the air I know it’s best to be crawling close to the floor, and not standing up. Because smoke is not safe to breathe.”

Inside the building Kizl saw a large pile of treasure! He was excited for a moment until he realized that these monsters put the treasure here because they were taking it! “This was my treasure,” thought Kizl. “I was coming here with my friends to find this with them. And these monsters are trying to take it all! No, I will make sure they share!”

Kizl turned back into his large, friendly dragon shape. With one giant arm he scooped up a bunch of the treasure and held it in his arm, close to him. But the noise made the monsters know someone was there, and they started coming in to look. “Oh no,” thought Kizl, “what do I do now?”

“Oh, wait,” he realized. “I’m an awesome DRAGON.

He turned and ran out of the building by bursting out through the wall – CRASH! The monsters were surprised. They tried to do something but they didn’t know how fast Kizl was. Even holding all that treasure Kizl ran away faster than the monsters could chase him – ZOOM!

Run, Kizl, run!

Kizl ran back to where his human friends were, at the beach. “Watch out,” he said to them over his radio. “I think the monsters are after me!” He made it to the beach safely. He had ran fast enough. The monsters couldn’t catch him.

On the beach Kizl saw all his human friends. He even met two new human friends. They were so surprised to see a dragon! Together they all left the island to go back to Human Jon’s big truck. In the truck Kizl stuck all the treasure he found in a special place and marked it with a “K.” That way all his friends would know where his special place was.

“That was fun,” said Kizl the Dragon to all his Human friends. “Let’s go back and do this again. I know another place to look.”

All the Humans shook their head. “Silly Kizl,” they said. “It’s time for bed.”

“Tomorrow, then?” Kizl asked them.

“Tomorrow, Kizl.” They told him with a smile.

Then they all went to bed.

The End.

Chapter 23 - GM Log

Players – please do not let these logs stop you from making your character’s own adventure logs. These logs are for reference only to keep the story going.

July 20, 105 PA

While waiting on the beach for Johnathan “Trigger” Reily to make repairs to the robot found, Hastings and Kizl Nelithi with their enhanced hearing, become alert to rail gun fire from across the city.

Moments later other groups of treasure hunters begin making a mass exodus towards the beach east of the group all making their way for the boats to travel back to the other side. There are some injuries among the adventures making their exit.

Within the group of adventures exiting the ruins are ToeKar and Wendell who have been separated from their group and appear to be missing.

Char decides to ask Wendell and ToeKar what is happening. An awkward conversation for both parties.

One of Mr. Nome’s assistants, Bart, approaches the group telling that Mr. Nome is not doing well and could use some help. Char decides to assist Bart with Mr. Nome back at the “Shanty Town”.

Hastings & Kizl decide to make their way to the top of one of the building to get a better view in the direction of the gun fire they heard. Some smoke can be seen across town although enough building still stand to obscure the view. Kizl recognizes the area is close to where the churches were seen during his fly-over.

Kizl decides to walk to the area of the churches and use his natural camouflaging ability to hide his presence. He does have some difficulties with the make-shift radio the group made for him to stay in contact. One size fits all does not seem to apply.

Johnathan has performed enough repairs to get the new found robot mobile although more time is needed for the weapon systems to come online. Seeing the people flee, Hastings and “Trigger” decide to find more information out and follow the path where the other adventures are scrambling to escape.

As Kizl approaches the area he reports back about the large holes and some intimidating armored individual. Kizl finds a few Ruin Worms sliced in half along the way.

Hastings approaches the site from the opposite direction of Kizl. Prowling the whole way while watching the large power armored individuals patrolling.

Johnathan follows with the rest of the group and parks the robot in hiding.

The group is now hiding in different locations and has a count of 5 large adversaries when a larger one shows up with a huge axe. Group decides to fall back without being noticed. Kizl is too curious what is being guarded in the half destroyed church.

Kizl sneaks into the church morphed as a large rat (cat size). Makes his way into the building without being noticed where he finds a large plunder of natural minerals in the form of coins and jewelry plus other artifacts.

Upon hearing someone entering the ruins, Kizl morph back to his natural form and grabs the largest armful he can and escapes the building running full speed. Lots of Rail Gun Fire is heard all over the city.

Group decides this is a good time to leave the city proper and return to camp.

Everyone in the group has nightmares thru the night and does not sleep well although no one discusses having nightmares.

July 21, 105 PA

At breakfast the group decides to go check out the ruins of a hospital for plunder. Once making their way back across the water to the city, they find a bunch of human shaped beings outside the hospital as if making camp.

The closer they approach the bunch they start to notice items like the look of ancient soldiers with only swords and shields on their backs until some turned to face the the approaching group. Skeletons begin to stand and rush towards the group.

A quick burst of gunfire from the robot and a few others sent some of the skeletons flying to pieces and the others scattered into outskirts of ruins.

The group decides to approach the hospital to enter.

The purpose.....
refections in a broken mirror

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
Looking back now it seems like a dream…and maybe she was.

I can’t tell you how long its been, or how many people have died since, how many new souls have entered the world, willingly or otherwise. I can’t remember the last time i looked upon a sunset or sunrise without a sense of foreboding danger, maybe I’m jaded, maybe I’m crazy…its not for lack of trying, I kept tabs for while…a long while. But nothing seemed to change. Random nightmares about Megan and her piercing green eyes, greener in death then they were in life, echoing her loneliness and pity for me. Her sorrow, not for her own death, but for my soul. A jaded and torn soul that was once whole…that she made whole. That time has passed now and my road continues on without her. Ive tasted what life could have been, but as sweet as it was we were too early. This world isn’t ready for that kind of life, that kind of comfort, that kind of…happiness…or, is it that I’m not ready for it? I don’t pretend to know anymore, I’m here, she’s not. I’ll go on, and maybe, just maybe, when the sun sets on my last day and I stand upon the mounds of bodies I’ve crushed and lives I’ve destroyed, I’ll be high enough for her to hear me. And I’ll once again be able to see her, if even for a brief glimpse, through the bars that separate the people like her from the people like me, and tell her I’m sorry. I don’t really know what would be better…..


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