Tales of Redemption

Chapter 19 - Enter the Tree Dragon

GM Log

July 16, 105 PA – Actual Game Day January 16, 2013

The group was given their next package from Tier 22 for delivery going further east from Edo. The details of the delivery were given to Sir Joshuah Malley.

Bert Redman Tanner was sent ahead of the group by Captain Reynolds of Tier 22 and to rejoin the group near the Oberlin location.

About a half day of travel from the Town of Edo the group came upon a group of horse drawn wagons bunched up with the d-bee occupants hiding behind the wagons while another wagon was down into the river bank running along the trail. Bandits had hostages and were firing on the d-bees hiding behind the wagons.

Most of the group goes forward to engage the Bandits while Andrew “Drew” Logan stayed in the APC and Johnathan “Trigger” Reily took up the rear to guard the flank.

As the group went forward to engage the bandits, a wall of flame appeared from no where between the APC and the group. Most of the group did not notice the flames except Drew and Johnathan.

A creature appeared in front of Johnathan that stunned and attack him psionically into submission. Two Lizard Men appeared and started dragging Johnathan into the woods.
Meanwhile the bandits that came under fire gave up rather quickly with their arms above their heads as the group engaged.

An explosion went off behind the APC & trailer unfortunately causing the trailer to catch on fire. Over the radio it was heard “Oops, I missed” that came from another APC that shot at the Lizard Men and the Creature that had appeared. The Lizard Men dropped Johnathan still stunned in the woods to escape and the Creature disappeared.
One of the bandits, Glenn Shino, was from Sir Joshua Malley’s past and begged not to be killed in fear of Mr. Gleem.

Johnathan Riley went running into the woods to find the would-be kidnappers and anything else that may be around.

Andrew Logan drove the APC with the trailer into the river to douse the flames and keep he cargo safe.

The crazy was crazy and the captured bandits got a douse of it.
Mr. Hastings almost drowned in the shallow river when confronted with books.

The real cargo was safe in the trailer, but the fake haul was damaged by fire (Wool). The group went to work chopping down trees so it would appear they were hauling logs. <cause>

The group took Glenn Shino as a traveling captive inside the APC and traveled a bit further until dusk when they set up camp.
Further interrogation of Glenn Shino until he passed out from bleeding.

Something began whispering to Char from the dark.
Johnathan Riley sees with night vision a cat walking around and approaches it. Cat runs unnaturally too fast away. Andrew Logan takes pursuit. Finds nothing.
Arguments began and ended with everyone pulling guns and one missile launcher on each other.

Calm prevailed and the group took watches through the night.

Early morning the group is underway and enters the outskirts of Oberlin.
Andrew Logan enters the city and misses deadline to meet the group. Radio’s in and when he returns he has a smile on his face. Thoughts of possession or imposter run rampant until they confirm it is Andrew Logan. Drew has found his mother and is taking leave from the group. Heart felt apologies are given except from Johnathan who walks away sniffling.

The group continues their trek to deliver the goods to the outskirts of City of Three Rivers.

Further east the group is met with an intimidating 8’ Woman in Armor waiting in the middle of the road with her beast waiting at the side of the road. She announces that the group is entering a Shemarrian area and she will escort them through the area because there are slavers about. She recognizes the Cyber-Knight and makes it a point to inform him he was followed out of the village 2 months ago by 3 heavily armed men. one of which scalp is on her shoulder. She informs Sir Malley that he should help with information unlike he did with her sister a couple months ago regarding the village.
She turns from the group and starts leading the way without waiting for an answer.

Along the way the Shemarrian stops and gives the signal to be quiet. She informs the group that a slaver is running an intercept course to their path. The Shemarrian begins leading the group through the woods. Slow going with the APC.

Hastings goes the opposite direction to do some recon on the slavers from afar using binoculars and tree tops. He sees a horrific monster on a barge and after some time finds a way to report in before heading back to the group.

To Be Continued…….


“Arguments began and ended with everyone pulling guns and one missile launcher on each other.”
Someone pulling a missile launcher on me would shut me up!

Chapter 19 - Enter the Tree Dragon

Yes, if you are playing a sane character! We have one Crazy character and another character that has been “rewired”. The funnier part was the character that pulled the missile launcher was in his own blast radius!

Chapter 19 - Enter the Tree Dragon

You and I both know that’s never bothered him before!

Chapter 19 - Enter the Tree Dragon
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