Tales of Redemption

Chapter 20 - FIGHT!

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GM Log

The Shemmarrian Warrior led the group off the trail up a hill through underbrush until the underbrush gave way to a forest canopy at the top of the hill (Hills in Northern Ohio?). The group forged ahead picking their way through the forest with the heavy APC towing the trailer and unknown to the group Kizl following.

As Hastings approached to rejoin the group he noticed movement off to the right. As Hasting focused on the movement he saw what appeared to be a floating eye in a case and then it went into hiding. Hasting then went to inform the group of what he saw when the Shemarrian Warrior signaled the group to stop, a pause for a moment, then swung to the left with the rail gun firing thru a tree. Forward to the right a woman in dark glasses appeared from behind a tree.

Hastings and Bert went forward to engage this woman who appeared while Johnathan took to the turret of the APC and Char stayed close to the APC for guard. Some confusion whether Sir Josh was in the APC with the prisoner or had taken the prisoner away insert saving throws.

The Shemarrian Warrior told the group to retreat and get away while her and the Monst-Rex took on something coming through the woods. Kizl watched as he feared what was coming through the woods and knew what was coming. Kizl decided to reveal himself and run past the barge to distract the Splugorth Slaver and lead it away while also breathing a cloud of poisonous gas towards the foul creature.

Unfortunately, the group being composed of male chauvinist pigs can not leave a woman in distress. That woman being a Shemarrian Warrior. The Splugorth Slaver Minion kept on the attack concentrating on the Shemarrian. This allowed Bert & Hastings to battle with the Blind Woman Warrior until defeat while the APC crew focused on the attack against the Barge with the Shemarrian forces.

Kizl ran back to the group and got into the melee combat between the Blind Woman Warrior, Bert, and Hastings trying to get a bite in and missed. Someone from the APC made a shot during this melee that took the Blind Warrior down with a Dragon Hatchling standing over her looking nervous on how everyone was going to react.

The Barge finally broke with enough hits and Splugorth Minion decided to jump off the Barge and disappeared as it hit the ground. Hasting made a comment there should be 2 more blind wenches around.

Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
Kizl Nelithi


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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