Tales of Redemption

Chapter 21 Part One & Two

Ruins cityPart 1

The Crazy, the Ex-Special Forces Soldier, the Juicer and the Head Hunter stared with guns aimed at the Dragon Hatchling that ran into the middle of combat to help them.

The Hatchling did not move except its eyes looking around at everyone aiming at him.

After an uncomfortable silence and then some questioning of said Dragon firearms were lowered and the Shemarrian Warrior told the group to get moving taking up the lead heading back towards the tree line and the ridge of the hill. Once at the tree line the female warrior turned east running parallel to the road they were previously traveling. It was slow going with the APC through the forest. Two from the group ran sacked the blind women for any items of value and made off with their wrist blasters.

At one point the wolves appeared at a distance, howled, and then disappeared and the Shemarrian Warrior appeared pleased.

Further through the woods a body was found slain by either a psi-sword or the Cyber Knight version across the mid section dressed in regular traveling clothes and some damage on the surrounding trees were also noticed. The man carried 180 credits and an odd shaped rifle that Kizl recognized as a Techno-Wizard gun (TK Sub-Machine Gun) and charged the rifle then handed it to Hastings. Hastings took aim and fired it.

Eventually the Shemerrian led the group back onto the road/trail leading towards the City by Three Rivers (Pittsburgh). Kizl became aware of a Rift in the area as the Shemarrian stopped in the trail. Hesitated for a moment and then continued until the group could see a Rift 500’ up in the air with water pouring out of it heavily.

Kizl took flight to investigate the Rift while the rest of the group continued on the path until they were upon a quick running creak created by the Rift. The water was shallow but with a heavy current and about 100’ wide. Char noticed a body floating down the water and followed it by the embankment for quite a ways. Kizl rejoined the group while Hastings tried to convince Kizl to throw him across the water. Kizl declined but grabbed Hastings by the back-pack to fly him to the other side. The APC followed the Monst-Rex & Shemarrian across the creak while Kizl went to find Char.

Char & Kizl recovered the body which looked alien and returned it to the APC for further investigation. Evidently the body smelled bad. Johnathan and Hastings recognized it from a previous encounter but unsure of the name. They guessed Bodhood (Brodkill) and thought it was a good time to leave. They left before being noticed by something lurking under the waterfall created pond.

Part 2

Shortly after finding the body and disposing of it the group moved forward on their way towards The City of Three Rivers when the Shemarrian Warrior announced that it would be leaving the group. Her parting words were, “The Knight should tell us everything.” The Knight was nowhere to be found and it was almost dusk.

The group continued into the dark until they arrived at a “Shanti Town” with a broken city in the background. As the group got closer to this mis-match of tents and temporary shelters it became clear this was the area to deliver the trailer attached to the APC and the broken city in the background looming at the group was The City of Three Rivers. A dead city from before the cataclysm completely dark with shadows moving through it that could not quite be seen.

Somehow Hasting had forgotten that the cargo hidden in the trailer were books. When he found out the trailer contained books he quietly go out of the APC and ignited the logs on the trailer. Kizl had some concerns what the human was doing since he still sat on top of the logs. After the logs were ignited Hastings made his way into the temporary town.

Char, Johnathan, Bert, and Kizl worked to put the fire out and make a camp site away from the town with the APC secure. After securing the area the group made their way into the Shanty Town leaving Johnathan behind to guard the APC and trailer. Kizl kept to the shadows in the Shanty Town and watched using a camouflage psychic stunt while the others took different directions through the town to find information.

Bert Redman found the contact and informed they were ready to deliver. The contact told Redman where to meet the following morning and to call in to Captain Reynolds to report. He also explained that the group should stay out of The City of Three Rivers especially at night. The city has a wearing affect on visitors and is dangerous.

The group met other beings in the town that they had never seen before among the humans. The area almost seem like a big party before an event the next day. Lavish stories were told and plenty of booze were available.

Hastings found a bar like area with lots of tables and began to drink heavily while grabbing items to juggle. As items were dropped and the crowd would cheer, Hastings would add a more dangerous item to juggle as he continued to drink.

Stories of treasure and artifacts to be found were told throughout the town of tents. When the group reunited back at the APC they all agreed to take a trip across the river and find some loot for themselves. The only problem was the late start because they would need to deliver the “goods” in the morning. Hastings had a plan and left to implement it.

Hastings made his way down to the river bank finding assortment of over a dozen different size boats. He pushed the row boats out into the water and avoided being seen by the guards. He poked holes into the larger boats 1, then 2 boats, but on the third boat he was seen and shooting began at the arson. Hastings jumped over a boat and took to underwater to avoid the guards to swim down stream until he though he was far enough away to avoid sight and went back to the APC.

Morning came and the group was rewarded with the last 1/2 of credits for the delivery and told to have the Knight contact for their next job by the next day. Char tried to get the information from the contact, but was put off for the Cyber-Knight.

Against Kizl’s wishes he flew the group to the other side of the river and when they were over the beach a shot flew and an impact with the beach rang out like a big bell. The group now landed to take cover to only see the what looked like a “Sand Person” make a barking laugh and take cover to never be seen again.

To Be Continued…..
Part 3 Coming Soon

Player Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Kizl Nelithi


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