Tales of Redemption

Chapter 23 - GM Log

Players – please do not let these logs stop you from making your character’s own adventure logs. These logs are for reference only to keep the story going.

July 20, 105 PA

While waiting on the beach for Johnathan “Trigger” Reily to make repairs to the robot found, Hastings and Kizl Nelithi with their enhanced hearing, become alert to rail gun fire from across the city.

Moments later other groups of treasure hunters begin making a mass exodus towards the beach east of the group all making their way for the boats to travel back to the other side. There are some injuries among the adventures making their exit.

Within the group of adventures exiting the ruins are ToeKar and Wendell who have been separated from their group and appear to be missing.

Char decides to ask Wendell and ToeKar what is happening. An awkward conversation for both parties.

One of Mr. Nome’s assistants, Bart, approaches the group telling that Mr. Nome is not doing well and could use some help. Char decides to assist Bart with Mr. Nome back at the “Shanty Town”.

Hastings & Kizl decide to make their way to the top of one of the building to get a better view in the direction of the gun fire they heard. Some smoke can be seen across town although enough building still stand to obscure the view. Kizl recognizes the area is close to where the churches were seen during his fly-over.

Kizl decides to walk to the area of the churches and use his natural camouflaging ability to hide his presence. He does have some difficulties with the make-shift radio the group made for him to stay in contact. One size fits all does not seem to apply.

Johnathan has performed enough repairs to get the new found robot mobile although more time is needed for the weapon systems to come online. Seeing the people flee, Hastings and “Trigger” decide to find more information out and follow the path where the other adventures are scrambling to escape.

As Kizl approaches the area he reports back about the large holes and some intimidating armored individual. Kizl finds a few Ruin Worms sliced in half along the way.

Hastings approaches the site from the opposite direction of Kizl. Prowling the whole way while watching the large power armored individuals patrolling.

Johnathan follows with the rest of the group and parks the robot in hiding.

The group is now hiding in different locations and has a count of 5 large adversaries when a larger one shows up with a huge axe. Group decides to fall back without being noticed. Kizl is too curious what is being guarded in the half destroyed church.

Kizl sneaks into the church morphed as a large rat (cat size). Makes his way into the building without being noticed where he finds a large plunder of natural minerals in the form of coins and jewelry plus other artifacts.

Upon hearing someone entering the ruins, Kizl morph back to his natural form and grabs the largest armful he can and escapes the building running full speed. Lots of Rail Gun Fire is heard all over the city.

Group decides this is a good time to leave the city proper and return to camp.

Everyone in the group has nightmares thru the night and does not sleep well although no one discusses having nightmares.

July 21, 105 PA

At breakfast the group decides to go check out the ruins of a hospital for plunder. Once making their way back across the water to the city, they find a bunch of human shaped beings outside the hospital as if making camp.

The closer they approach the bunch they start to notice items like the look of ancient soldiers with only swords and shields on their backs until some turned to face the the approaching group. Skeletons begin to stand and rush towards the group.

A quick burst of gunfire from the robot and a few others sent some of the skeletons flying to pieces and the others scattered into outskirts of ruins.

The group decides to approach the hospital to enter.


Does everyone know the 1st rule- “Don’t split the party”…

Chapter 23 - GM Log

I don’t mind when the group occasionally splits in two groups. Often the one group while not interacting with me will RP their characters for interaction and build up friendships in the group. Unless I leave them at a cliffhanger while attending to the other group…I think that was one of K.S.’s tips that I try to implement.

Chapter 23 - GM Log
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