Tales of Redemption

Chapter 24 - Synopsis

Hospital ruinsRonaldo Escobar

- Char was introduced to Dr. Wendell and Tarnath at the APC that morning.
- The group made their way to the hospital,
“We don’t know if the Gurgoyles are there, but it’s better than going to where we know they were.”
- John used his robot to open up floors one and two on the side of the hospital while the rest of the group entered via the main entrance like normal people.
- Ronaldo, upon hearing gunfire earlier made his way and tracked the group to the hospital.
- Upon hearing his approach, Char drew his gun and told him to identify himself
- Ronaldo told them he heard someone in trouble and was coming to offer his assistance.
- Learning he spoke Spanish, Hastings was delighted to engage him in “conversation”
- Hostilities suspended due to a request from John to go up stairs and check out the weirdness.
- To those that failed their save it appeared to be a 21st century hospital with doctors and nurses
- To those that made their save, it was as decrepit as the previous floors with walls and doors broken, or missing
- Johnathan went to go up to the third floor while the others interacted with what were actually ghosts
- He passed a security guard as well as a sign that said “Do not enter without an appointment”
- The guard warns him not to go, but he does anyway and sees a den of a Necromancer with bodies and parts, all over the place.
- Determining nothing good is here and that security is on the way, he throws an incendiary grenade behind him lightning the room on fire.
- Meanwhile Ronaldo has informed the group they are dealing with an Ogre Necromancer (disguised as the security guard) and goes to attack, but missed.
- A fight breaks out and nothing seems to phase the Ogre, but he is less concerned with the group and more concerned with going after John.
- John continues up to the top floor, and hangs out a window
- Ronaldo and Char help the two patients get out of the building, still not sure if they really are OK or not.
- The remaining group was engaged in hand to hand combat


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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