Tales of Redemption


Cross Operator

Nathan Cross

adjusts the camera accordingly, sits back staring at it and clicks to make sure the computer has the right time set, for once. The image flickers once, twice, and finally Cross is again looking at himself, drink in hand and waits a few moments before speaking

“Right, so our little crew rolls on into this little hole in the wall called Middletown. We were right set to settle in for the eve, leastways long enough to knock off some of the road dust and enough even for that righteous one to settle himself down some. Never did get that chance.”

takes a shot and waits a moment

“Seems some farmer’s daughter gone and got herself taken by a creature. Tree dragon i said at first. Kept ‘em from thinking too seriously about anything, so i wasn’t about to let any of them in on the joke. Think that one jon may’ve been on the ball, but i know the knight and ‘borg were left scratching their heads. Still, there was a young one needed savin’, and much as im one to let matters lay, didnt seem right to let the kid slip up cause her father couldnt keep an eye on her, ‘specially out here. So after grabbing some gear at a pretty slipshod shop, me n’ the biker saddled up and headed for the farm, ’borg in tow. Took the knight a while to catch up with us and im preferring not to think about why he wandered off.”

“And after bumbling round like a couple jackrabbits, seems i tripped into some tracks and we managed to follow them best we could to a cave out in the woods settin’ over a creek. Old habits die hard, but i take my killin seriously. Figger even im not willin’ to admit the full events, so, needless to say, we tripped up a hornet’s nest something fierce and managed to avoid the worst of the stings. Even managed to get into the cave and free the girl from the DBees seemed they were settin’ up to sacrifice her. Grabbed a few rifles, armor and weapons too. Didn’t seem to be CS, or anything i recognize right off, still, figger theyre more’n good enough for a few creds. And ill take a few more creds over not enough, even when lending a helping hand id prefer not have bit off. Turned one of the lizards into a porter and made our ways back to the town, returned the daughter, got a reward, and were ready to relax before headin back out. The knight werent so kindly about it.”

quiet again

“Boy’s gonna run into quite a few hard lessons if he aint hit em already. Never did kin to some of these righteous types. World’s a harsh place and man’s got to be able to pick himself up by his own bootstraps. Even if he keeps getting knocked down. Killin’ aint a happy thing, but round here, this place. Either you kill or you get killed, seems i done heard that somewhere before and it seemed quite right. Still, im of a mind to follow this fella ‘till we return that little device he’s got secreted away, moreso to see if whoever wants it knows just what that thing can do. Seems i just cant keep myself clear of trouble. Pity that. Cross out.”

image reaches for something offscreen after downing the rest of contents of the glass, the image flickers once..then shunts to black


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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