Tales of Redemption

Crosslog Entry 4

Cross Operator

Nathan Cross

turns on the camera, Cross sitting in the chair spinning side to side twirling a headband in one hand and the pieces of a fusion power source in the other. looking back over his shoulder, he presses a button and the camera zooms in on the pile of bots where a spare tire should be

been a tough day. seems we managed to find our ways out of one fight and damn near ran headlong into another. Seems someone.. something hit Columb like a damn force of nature. dont much know about what was going ‘cept there was Dead Boys doin what they do best all over the city. Dying. the Knight, the Borg, and Hastings slipped in to try and see what’s what… i was more than happy to keep myself nice and occupied on the outside of town. Poking my nosse into the SAMAS and getting that up and running.

by the time those boys found their way back, John and me had managed to pretty much shove the Titan’s source into the SAM. It wasnt pretty, but thing will work till i get a chance to lock it down some. Not quite sure what that boy does, but he’s handy enough with a wrench to keep from blowing something up. Looking at his bike, sure that’s a feat worthy of mentionin’ all by it’s lonesome.

so we lit outta there like the devil himself was on our asses. no rest for the likes of us. Figgered EDO was the next closest place and well away from this hell hole. i HATE the magic zone… too damn many things aint right with this place…. and too damn close to Coalition for my likings. course we didnt get more than a couple hours before we got bushwhacked out in the woods north of the place. Damned robots and some folk we run into before, the two humans wore headbands…

im not one to play hero, but ill be damned any person kept like a slave like that. may not like folk much, but they wanna make their own mistakes, gotta pick their own way, not have it pointed out for them. so i did what i could while everyone else was playing with those ‘bots. Got lucky too… managed to read the bots afters… figured headshots make the suckers explode. nice bit to know BEFORE getting into a fight. so while we tried to drag them folk and the scrap to the Outrider… MORE o’ the DAMNED THINGS came out of hiding…

Cross slams his fist down on the desk
bastards blew off my tire and put a few missiles into the body. gonna have to start reinforcing the tires more if i keep runing into things trying to hurt my truck. took those suckers down too. nasty little fight. we all smacked them round best they can. took them down, fixed up the Outrider… and made like whipped dogs and ran. followed the old roads up to a place where we can settle in for a bit and make plans.

twirls the headband in his finger
i read this thing. not the only one, and those bots came from somewhere. Seems that Groc fella is fixing to do some mighty not nice things to a lotta folk.

looks dead into the camera
i can FIND this Groc fella… and i gots me the startins of a plan. A real nice… vicious.. NASTY plan. we get our wits together… i plan on bringing the thunder to Groc and bringing his home down around HIS head. Boy likes to play with ’bots… im gonna show him whats its like to piss off an operator.

Cross… OUT!
slams a button and the camera switches off


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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