Tales of Redemption

Crosslog Entry 6

Cross Operator

Nathan Cross

the video screen comes on and for the first time in several weeks, Cross has a grin on his face. Holding in one hand in front of the camera is some unknown part for something, which he’s currently admiring to some degree

“Nice to have at least a half a bit of luck roll my way for once. Seems ever since I got pulled in with Drew and his knight friend there, ive been bouncing from mess to another without hardly anytime to get stuff done. Now normally that aint no nevermind to myself, but i like to have a day or so before some durn fool comes shootin’ at me for whatever reason. Still, cant say this hasn’t turned up a small amount of profit for me.”

leans back in the chair and puts the device down

“Seems after while we were waiting for our business to conclude in Edo, we got ourselves a job to head up north and basically deal with some problems those folks was having with monsters or somesuch. We head up north only it werent monsters, or maybe it was and those damn fools deserved it. Still, got in during a fire and we tried to track down what started it, which according to them was a Glowing White Buffalo. With the monsters round these parts, cant say i be all that surprised about it. Still, we was paid to take a look and during our investigating, got point back at the burning house, or at least what was left of it. Damn macabre lookin’ chop shop for cybernetic and bionic parts. We found em out and the townsfolk were gettin mighty eager to have us all on out of there, bout then that lizard lookin’ fella Jim from the cookhouse in Edo showed up and advised us all to head on back to the fella we got the job from in the first place, let him know what was goin on. Gentlemen goes by the name of Vince, seems like the decent sort. Told what we knew and he paid us. Works just fine for me.
"course i left out the part about the run in with them north bugs. seems they was hunting the little bastards that got let out of the rift by Groc’s hole in the ground. damned if i care though, one bug’s as good as another when youre scrapin it off the bottom of your boot. Also we figgered on checkin out a bounty while in Edo. ‘cept i got me a feelin about the folks offerin the bounty. not that it wasnt right or whatever. personally i dont rightly care about a gentle’s politics or his business. long as theyre offering payment, i go where i go. course like i said, i had a funny feelin like if we followed through, the ones offering such a hefty price wouldnt be. and from what i could tell, werent any member of the black market round to tell em otherwise if something went wrong. so i was willing to let it lay. rest of our little fun group decided to get themselves some R&R anyway, while i was busy finishing some patches on the Outrider and the APC we picked up at the compound a couple days back.
“damned if i know who started it. prolly either that whacknut Hastings or that curious preacher, but not more’n a couple hours after they started out, they came running back yelling about getting shot at. Hell, Hastings jumped up into the Outrider still carrying a dead body.”

cross stays quiet a sec thinking about something

“Yeah, its his fault. still, morning comes round and i meet up with this other fella jim. yeah, another one, and he’s the one i made arrangements with for trade and parts. Got most of what i need now. Just need to find me a place, a town or something where aint no one shooting at me for a week or so, and i should be ready to head down south to Kingsdale. yeah, last i thought about it, Old Bones might be the place to go. Maybe even stopping outside the imperium and selling off that SAMAS and getting those cyberparts i been wantin’. dont rightly know what im gonna do from there.

“Guess we’ll see what comes, wont we?”

Cross leans back and doesnt bother touching anything as the camera shuts itself off


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