Tales of Redemption

Diary of a Madman: Chapter Banana

Why not juggle? Juggling would be easier. Work is hard, people expect things done the right way always very picky. Why am I here again? Someone told me to meet them here. Or was that years ago. The time seems to blur together I can’t tell yesterday from tomorrow anymore, but so what, it’s all the same.

I miss the woods, trees were easy to climb and the leaves didn’t look at you funny when you said what you were thinking. Back in the city there isn’t anything to climb, at least not without getting yelled at. Oh that woman was so mean, who cares if she wasn’t wearing anything, I wasn’t up there to look at here, just the flowers in the box. They were so nice.

But then she screamed… I almost killed her… why did I do that?

It would have been easy though, a single shot to the head, a flick of the knife. Hell, just choke her with the towel till her life faded right away. So many easy ways to kill. She just made me so angry.


I just took the flower. I didn’t leave her there bleeding and dying. I couldn’t do that.

Maybe that is why they came after me? I took the flower and next thing I know the men are chasing me through the streets, running after me. Yelling at me. I just want to be left alone! Why don’t they understand that!

I had to get away, find some help to take them out. They are fast, but I’m bouncy.

I lead them through alleys and bends, through buildings and out the other side. Over and under I twist and turn. The running is fun. It is almost like a game of tag and then the window next to me explodes as they shoot and I forget it isn’t a game.

There! A door, that is where I’m going. I’m supposed to meet someone, someone who I haven’t met except a long time ago! I dive through it and look around. The pig is not who I expected to see. Neither is the cow.

Wrong door.

No matter, out the other side and on again, I hope they don’t kill the pig it would be a waste of good meat. Now I remember, not the third left, but the fourth. I double back, they are still on me – good, not as fun if they get lost. Now here we go, down to the water front.

There, this must be the right door. It was, the robot… now I remember. Drew. Funny seeing him here. Oh well, time to shoot some things.


The commander didn’t like his hat. I don’t know why not, hats are good disguises. More work soon, leaving the city – not fast enough. The city is boring now. The people after me went away, and I lost my flower. Maybe I’ll go back and get another one, but they might be waiting there.

I miss Drew. And Drew misses someone, I don’t know, something happened today that made me sad and I’m not sure why.

There is a new person too, Char. He is strange. I think he might be crazy. But that’s okay – I’ll just keep an eye on him. Drew says we’ll see Josh soon. I miss the horse, he was good at listening. I guess I miss Josh too.

I like these people, they remind me of the leaves.

GM Insert – Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Andrew “Drew” Logan


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