Tales of Redemption

Dragon Tales, Episode 2: Kizl makes some friends.

Kizl Nelithi
Kizl’s fears became realized – the Splugorth slaver spotted the Humans and made it way towards them. He heard one of the Humans yell to their group that they should run and Kizl thought for a moment how right she was. Small booms rang out from her staff as she started firing towards some of the minions. Kizl swallowed his fear and charged out of hiding in order to run past the slaver in an attempt to distract it and make it turn around. He silently hoped the humans would get the hint and run while these Splugorth were being distracted.

They didn’t.

All of them stood their ground and either opened fire or ran in to fight in hand to hand combat. Kizl returned to help them fight. Luckily none of them attacked Kizl. The slave barge and its minions were eventually defeated (maybe they had previously suffered some major damage or losses?) As the last slave minion fell to the ground Kizl felt the stares of all the Humans trained on him, wondering what to do next.

A good question.

Kizl tried to teleport away but wasn’t able to make it work. Stupid ability, someday he would master that. But today, obviously, he would not. Kizl offered an awkard greeting and they all warily talked with him. He let them know they were in danger from some Lizard Mage, though he couldn’t say exactly why he knew that – he still wasn’t sure himself! He let them know he had followed them for a while.

The humans seemed nervous but after talking it over decided to warily allow the dragon hatchling child to accompany them. Kizl was overjoyed – now he could openly get to know these strange creatures better! He leapt up on top of the trailer of logs they were towing and rested there, keeping a look out for them from his high vantage point.

And occasionally napping in the sun. It was comfortable.

They encountered a random dead human in the road. A strange weapon was found on him that Kizl instinctively understood – it was magical techno-wizardry! He was able to charge it but he gave the weapon to the human with the weird metal cans in his head. That Human seemed to be better able to use it than he could.

Kizl talked with and got to know his new human friends on and off during their journey. He especially found the one called “John” most fascinating. He piloted the complicated machine towing all these logs and Kizl poked his head in through the roof often to engage the human in one-sided conversation.

Later in their travels Kizl could feel a Rift nearby. Once they crested the hill and could see it the sight was truely amazing. Hundreds of feet in the air is where the Rift opened up, and water was pouring out of it, flooding the area. The vehicles managed to cross the flooded road while some of them explored the new stream. A corpse of some sort of creature was found, and Kizl didn’t like how it smelled.

They travelled on.

Just before arriving at their destination the human leading the way decided to leave them. Kizl didn’t really understand why she was leaving and he was sorry to see her go – all humans are fascinating. They made camp a little ways outside of a town. The cargo was set on fire! But then they worked together to put it out. That was kind of weird.

Kizl changed his form into a human as well so they could all go and explore this new place. So many sights and smells! Kizl still stayed hidden though, and just watched from afar. The other humans interacted with new humans.

The next morning they decided to go hunting for treasure in some ruins nearby, across the water. Treasure! What dragon can resist treasure? Kizl agreed to join them and flew his friends across the river. Some invetigation revealed a boat hull they could enter and explore. A ghost appeared to try and keep them away from the treasure! Zoinks! The gun Kizl charged helped scare it away, no thanks to Kizl – his one attempt at firing it hit almost eveything in the rom BUT the ghost!

The humans seemed happy to have found “treasure,” but disappointingly it was not the sort of treasure Kizl would have preferred. But he was happy his friends were happy. There was a metal walking machine that was too heavy for Kizl to carry, so they all prepared to leave and get the human John to come and walk it out of there.


Dragons don’t need to eat, they are sustained by the magical energy of Rifts Earth. That having been said, they do enjoy eating – they just don’t need to.


Does not mean Kizl does not get “hungry”.


He would definitely be hungry for treasure thieves…

Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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