Tales of Redemption

Dragon Tales Episode 3: Kizl Hears a Sound.

Kizl Nelithi
Kizl the Dragon was hanging out on the beach with his friends. His best friend Jon was doing some work on a big metal suit of armor, so Kizl tried to help. But the metal machine was so complicated that there wasn’t much Kizl could do to help. This made Kizl sad.

But then a noise in the distance grabbed his attention! It repeated again and again for a short time, then it stopped. “That sounds like rail fire,” said the Human Hastings. Kizl curiously went to check it out with his friend. They saw lots of people who were running away. Once those people made it to the beach they got in their boats and left.

“But where did the noise come from,” Kizl and the Human Hastings wondered? Together they went to the top of a tall building so they could look around. That’s when they saw smoke, far away. “That must be where the noises came from,” they said. Kizl had flown over that place before so he knew how to get there. The two friends took off to investigate closer.

When they got closer Kizl could see monsters. He knew they were called Gurgoyles. They had big weapons and looked mean. The Human Hastings went to look for more of them. “I do hope he will be careful,” Kizl thought. Kizl could make it hard for people to see him, and he did that now so he could move and hide safely. He was able to sneak around all the Gurgoyles.

“It looks like they are guarding this building,” Kizl thought when he arrived at the smokey building. “I wonder what’s in there?” His human friends gave him a radio earlier so Kizl tried now to make it work. It was hard because he was too big and he had never used one before. But he finally got it to work and told his other Human friends where he was and what he saw.

Because Kizl was a magical dragon he had some cool special powers. One of them was that he could turn into a small animal, like a rat or bunny or a squirrel. He turned himself into a rat. “This should work,” he thought to himself. Then he sneaked past all the monsters and into the building.

“Good thing I’m low to the ground,” thought Kizl the Dragon to himself. “When there’s smoke in the air I know it’s best to be crawling close to the floor, and not standing up. Because smoke is not safe to breathe.”

Inside the building Kizl saw a large pile of treasure! He was excited for a moment until he realized that these monsters put the treasure here because they were taking it! “This was my treasure,” thought Kizl. “I was coming here with my friends to find this with them. And these monsters are trying to take it all! No, I will make sure they share!”

Kizl turned back into his large, friendly dragon shape. With one giant arm he scooped up a bunch of the treasure and held it in his arm, close to him. But the noise made the monsters know someone was there, and they started coming in to look. “Oh no,” thought Kizl, “what do I do now?”

“Oh, wait,” he realized. “I’m an awesome DRAGON.

He turned and ran out of the building by bursting out through the wall – CRASH! The monsters were surprised. They tried to do something but they didn’t know how fast Kizl was. Even holding all that treasure Kizl ran away faster than the monsters could chase him – ZOOM!

Run, Kizl, run!

Kizl ran back to where his human friends were, at the beach. “Watch out,” he said to them over his radio. “I think the monsters are after me!” He made it to the beach safely. He had ran fast enough. The monsters couldn’t catch him.

On the beach Kizl saw all his human friends. He even met two new human friends. They were so surprised to see a dragon! Together they all left the island to go back to Human Jon’s big truck. In the truck Kizl stuck all the treasure he found in a special place and marked it with a “K.” That way all his friends would know where his special place was.

“That was fun,” said Kizl the Dragon to all his Human friends. “Let’s go back and do this again. I know another place to look.”

All the Humans shook their head. “Silly Kizl,” they said. “It’s time for bed.”

“Tomorrow, then?” Kizl asked them.

“Tomorrow, Kizl.” They told him with a smile.

Then they all went to bed.

The End.


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