Tales of Redemption

Dragon Tales Episode 4: Kizl Wakes up Late

Kizl Nelithi
The sun was nice and warm. It made the sleeping dragon very comfortable. But it was bright, too. It was so bright that it woke up the dragon. “Oh no!” Kizl the Dragon said out loud when he woke up. “I slept too late!”

Kizl got up quickly from his sleeping place. He looked all around for his Human friends but could not find them. “They left without me,” he thought sadly. “I hope they save some treasure for me.” He wanted to run and find them right away.

But first he had to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day. That would give him the energy he would need to start his day right. After eating his breakfast he brushed his teeth, too. Now he was ready to go find his friends.

“Wait up Human friends,” Kizl said out loud as he ran off to find them. “I want to play too!”

Kizl ran really fast and then flew across the water. He was a dragon! He spotted his human friends. The were heading into an old building to look for treasure. Kizl joined with them.

The some bad monsters appeared! Kizl helped his friends defeat the monsters.

“Let’s look for treasure together!” Kizl said to his human friends excitedly.

“You have some treasure already, Kizl,” they said back to him. “We want to find our own treasure today.”

Kizl was sad for a minute. But then he remembered about sharing. “Okay…” Kizl replied. “Can I still come with you and help?” He asked.

“Yes Kizl,” they agreed. “This is a dangerous place. You could wait here and keep us safe. Let us know if you see more monsters.”

“I can do that!” Kizl said to them proudly. They entered the building to look for their treasure. Kizl stood guard outside. “No bad monsters will come after my human friends while I’m around!”


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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