Tales of Redemption

Drew's Mental Logs

Drew Logan

Andrew “Drew” Logan

John is back. He got ahead of us. A little surprising.

All internal weaponry at 100% power.

I pull John’s cycle off of the truck roof at his request. Weight value within safe handling limits. John wants to head out quickly.

They all waste time talking. I keep watch around us. I listen for sounds they will not hear. No-one is near us. Now they clearly state where the orb we carry is hidden. Lucky imbeciles. John should have known better.

Hearing check satisfactory. No abnormal functions.

Finally we ride.

They pick up pace oblivious to the condition fo the road. Daring. Hovercycle performance meets expectations.

There is a town here not marked on the map. No shock there. They stop for alcohol. I watch my gear. Theirs too I guess. I scan the area, I discern no threats. Humans walk around. Josh shops for supplies. He has more sense than the others.

Visual sensors check satisfactory. No abnormal functions.

An old human is seeking help. He accosts John and Cross. They waste time listening to him. The two of them go to the store Josh is in. I’m barely even noticed. Good.

Josh comes out, tells me to ride south to look for a human girl. I comply.

I see no human within a mile and head back. I don’t wish to separate from the group at this time. Josh is maintaining radio silence. Odd.

Radio check satisfactory. No abnormal functions.

John requests my aid at the old human’s farm. I ride there.

Josh breaks his radio silence. John requests him with us. He complies.

We gear up to go hunt a monster. John suggests I bring heavy weapons.

We wait on Josh to track. Tracking was not a part of my training. Josh arrives and he leads our way. They talk while walking. Idle speculation. I am surprised we are not heard.

Our walking speed is 2.9 miles per hour.

The tracks lead to a river bank and a cave. I hear chanting. I expect there will be mages amongst them. I can see guards.

Motion dector registers no unexpected motion nearby.

I sneak out a short way while they waste more words. They move to do some things. No discipline or leadership. Disorganized. I grab the guard’s attention with a missile. I follow that up with another. I’m asked to stop and comply.

Remaining armor piercing missile inventory is 10 out of 12.

Creatures come up out of the water. The others dispatch them with precision. We enter the cave and follow the chanting.

Passive nightvision engages.

John and I lay down suppression fire before entering the large chamber. Josh is attacked. He has it under control.

John and I pick off the mages. Cross takes over for Josh. Josh rescues the child. I escort them out. John and Cross search for valuables.

I explore the rest of the cave. I find another exit. It looks like more of the creatures fled. Coward D-Bees. No different from the others. I seal this entrance with the last of my grenades.

Remaining explosive greanade inventory is zero out of 8. Smoke grenade inventory is 4 out of 4. I need to restock on explosives.

I find my way to the first entrance. They seal that end. We have a prisoner. Cross is handling it.

We take the girl back. The air temperature is 32.4 degrees centigrade. Our speed is 4.1 miles per hour.

The girl is returned. A reward is given. I get ready to ride.

We go back to the town. The prisoner comes with us.

There are words said in the town to the townspeople. My companions are upsetting the Humans. Josh appears upset. He leaves wordlessly.

His bearing is North-northwest 352 degrees. I follow.


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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