Tales of Redemption

Drew's Mental Logs #4

Andrew Logan

Begin internal diagnostic. Focus on left arm.

Hope Springs was a fiasco. The villian got away. The townsfolk chased us out. My bike was destroyed. Found out Nickel is a mage. Left arm is not right.

Internal diagnostic still in progress.

We part ways with the dogboy. He was badly hurt but still functional. Declined to join our troupe.

No unusual radio activity detected.

Internal diagnostic completed. Excessive stresses placed on left arm. Additional stress could cause fracture. I frown. This was not good news.

Arrival at camp. Trent was seduced into magic by a mage. My family is ruined because of a mage. I am what I am today because of a mage.

Nickel is a mage.

I walk up to Nickel and let him know what I feel about him. Josh asks me not to end his life like I should. I respect his wishes and comply.

I keep thinking of that mage Lars. And his face when I hit him. And Trent’s betrayal. I spend the rest of the night trying to determine if I did something wrong. Every path of disaster keeps coming back to meeting that mage. I did nothing wrong, despite Trent’s final words to me.

Morning arrives. We move out. Armor is damage but functional. Weapons are reloaded. I match pace with Cross’ Outrider. We head towards what we believe is Grok’s compound.

A robot patrol attacks us. We defeat them. There are humans directing them. One gets away in a helicoptor. Others are captured. They provide little information.We strip them and leave them behind.

Everyone spends time arguing over how to change the plan. I decide to scout ahead. Cross is angry at me leaving. Good. Maybe he’ll spend less time talking and more time acting. He asks me to stop before reaching the compound. I comply.

Exactly 30.0 miles are travelled. Estimate this spot to be 10.0 miles from the base.

Brodkill are present. They are burying something. I try to stay hidden. They spot me and advance. instead of attacking they talk to me.

Universal translator searches… language found. Translating from Eruo now.

The monsters tell me the creature riding warrior women we have seen previously are robots. I radio this information back to the group. They act as shocked as I feel over both the info and the fact that the brodkill communicate with me. The monsters leave. I check what they were burying. Some kind of rapidly decaying body. I quickly re-bury it.

I do some minor scouting. Discover nothing unusual. The crew takes 22 minutes to reach my position.

With the group arrived we move closer to the base. At the edge of the forest we spot it. The weather is getting bad. Nickel warns us of an impending Ley-Line storm.

I hate magic.

The monster riding women who are robots are attacking the base. There is a device of some kind on top that glows before being destroyed. Then it happens.

Holy shit.

Just like Cross predicted. A giant laser beam comes from the sky, destroying everything it touches. Many people appear to be dying. I am too stunned to move. The beam cuts a seemingly random path of destruction and death through the Earth.

I can hear the screams and pleas of the dying.

The robots leave. The survivors are picked off by bugs that emerge from a sudden Rift. I shoot at the bugs. They die but there are too many. The bugs disperse.

We are left to stare at the carnage left behind. We could not make a difference during the events. Can we now?


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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