Tales of Redemption

Johnathan Reily Logbook Entry #2

Johnathan Reily

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily

I don’t write in this logbook enough…

I don’t quite recall what happened to me to land me in a CS medical faculity, but there i was, johnny coat and all being examined by a wickedly disgusting nurse who clamed she took care of here 5 children for years. I still cannot fathome the man that would sleep whit, and actually ingage in, reproductive acts with her. Even in my debilitated state, druged or whatever it was which aflicted me would i have congegal rights with that monkey of a woman. Having said that, the prostate exame they performed way anything but enjoyable.

The CS Clinic discharged me with a clean bill of health (and a normal prostate). My bloodwork came back normal (except for a slightly elevated Liver enzyme count, which is probibly due to my EAID excessive alchohol inebreation disease)

By the time I came to my senses (still quite groggy however) I was outside the clinic and looking for my gear. It would appear that the rest of my compatriots in this endeavor had declined to join me at the clinic and instead decided to engage in acts of neccessary destruction in the town proper. The museam we had been traveling to was under seige. I can only assume the artifact we traveled with was the cause. While at the same time the main parking lot (where my gear was) was under siege by some of those enemies i came across in the woods earlier. As i was weaponless, armorless, witless (perpetually or otherwise), and without a cigar I approached the parking lot and was proptly stopped by CS Soldiers, warding off any which might get caught in the ensuing firefight . After a brief discussion with them, a cigar appeared, and I was permitted to smoke it. One miricle down, 6 illion to go.

After a brief while Cross appeared, atop the stallion of a mount which belonged to Josh. I would contemplate this a bit more later as my brain hurt from the vision alone. Cross made his way thru with the Soldiers to secure some supplies and check the vehicles. As I recall it was quite a display of firepower tha day in the parking lot, yet our gear was unscathed. Another miracle, two in one day, what are the odds?

Since our gear was fine and our comanions accounted for we rested for the night. I’m sure more transpired, but exactly what is still a bit foggy to me.

Our next endeavor will be to enter the sewers and track an escaping gunman, Josh’s idea i think. Why did i stick around?

…Oh yea, redemption…

Reily out.


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Old_Man_at_the_Gate

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