Tales of Redemption

Quiet Contemplation

Reily on the wall

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
There are moments in each ones lives when they look back on their past life choices and wonder….could this life of mine been different? Mine is no different. I often wonder if I hadn’t swallowed that big bird toy as child would I be more willing to eat poultry. and today’s though was, what did i do wrong to get myself in this position. Hanging wildly from the 5th floor of an abandoned hospital seemed like a good idea at the time, but then again, slapping Lin’s rear while screaming “who’s your daddy” did as well, and I tell you this in confidence, that did not end well for me. At what point did I loose my common sense and think this was a good idea. Maybe it was that day I sunbathed nude at the Poko lounge during the solar equinox…. maybe it was the 4 liters of gasoline I drank on a bet with Hastings… maybe it was the day I posed as a hairdresser… maybe it was the tattoo of Wiley Coyote I got on my inner thigh…. maybe it was the even the time I dressed as Santa just to get in a girls panties… I don’t know. But looking back, I’m not sure I actually regret anything, except her……

So, back to the task at hand. undead ogre thing, fighting with us.

Hanging from the 5th floor I had a view into the 4th floor and got a vibe on where the action was happening. I let half the clip fly just after I heard someone, who sounded like Hastings, scream and I’m sure I hit something, let’s hope it wasn’t anyone I already know.

I look down to see the tree dragon enter the building. Dragons and dead things, always a recipe for disaster. Time to move. I made my way down to Ginger, powered her up and started blasting. The thing about powered robots and firearms is this, targeting is relatively a mute point when you’ve got this much firepower, area saturation is far more effective for both shock and awe. Unfortunately for my current train of thought, the things we are up against are neither impressed nor warded off by shock and awe. So instead I start taking out the corners of the buildings and dropping tons of rubble on them, and I do mean tons. lets hope the buildings hold out long enough for the B team to get out, I’d hate to have to go digging for them. Ronaldo is calling the targets, I’m happily shooting building and the human torch is lighting up the baddies. Doc’s looking for a safe spot and the rest are in the……..holy f’ing $hitballs, out the window comes; one giant green dragon, one partially bleeding necromancer and one rage-blind crazy. All tumbling, in slow motion to the ground. Now I’m not one for calling other people out, but I’m thinking my life choices are probably better then these guys, and far better than our hunter, who upon seeing these three falling decides that he’s going to leap through the air and snatch Hastings out from the grasp of the necromongeringogertonthing. Yea, great idea, how’d that work you ask? half of me wants to tell you not to ask, but the side of me that stares at a train wreck is kinda leading my thoughts at this point. This was by far the worst idea I could have imagined. First off he ended up clung to them like monkey on a tree branch during a hurricane. And if that’s not enough of an image for you, picture then that the tree dragon slows the group of would-be pavement marks down and creates a “controlled” decent. So, flying dragon, necromancer, Hastings, and finally Char, in what can only be described as a kite flying exerciser gone wrong. I did break a smile on that one. A for effort though.

Necro’s on the ground, Hastings’ on the ground, Char’s on the ground, Kizle is back in the air. Clear shot at the Necro……

I’ve said it before, I’ve never been a fan of the undead, and more so now then ever before. It seems that dead things are much harder to kill then living things. This thing gets up, from two barrels of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Awesomeness! he got up. Singed the armor and pissed him off, but HE GOT UP! However…he’s running. Away. Fast.

“Keep the pace, lay down suppressive fire and don’t let up until there’s either no enemy or no ground to chase him on” was something my CO’s used to drive into my head during drills. never thought I’d use it, but I’ll be damned, this little necro bastard took some time to drop. but through sheer determination, willpower and lots o’guns, he’s dead, or at least he looks dead. Only one way to be sure. Bodies don’t move when the head is no longer connected to it, unless your an unfortunate chicken, in which case you run around rampantly wondering where your head went. Necro here was no chicken. Dead is dead until its undead. Bloody fisted, I carried the body and head back to the rest of the group. head in one hand, carcase in the other. Something stunk, did i forget deodorant?

It’s at this moment I’ll mention the helicopters. I would have before but it would have disjointed the sorted tail of the killing something that’s already dead. Helicopters, there I said it. Coalition helicopters, dropping propaganda pamphlets? That’s a new one. The choppers hovered over shantytown and dropped what eventually we saw to be wanted posters, for none other than Groc……. I guess we’re back on target.

Time to head back to the APC and see if i can rig the heavy laser to Ginger, oooh and maybe the hover-bike engines, that would be epic. there’s that odor again……


“Dragons and dead things, always a recipe for disaster.” Awesome log!

Quiet Contemplation

Oh so quiet! NOT!!!!

Quiet Contemplation

Hate to see his ammo bill….

Quiet Contemplation
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