Tales of Redemption

Sir Joshuah's Journal Entry 2

Sir Joshuah Malley

Sir Joshuah Malley

They saved a little girl tonight. In my doubt, in my hesitation, I failed her, the team, and myself. The place was called Middletown, some miles south of Dayton. Jonathan and Cross pulled into the bar, Drew remained outside on watch and I went to the General Store. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes before they all showed up looking for me with a man named Jedge in tail, who looked rather distraught. John told me the man’s daughter Jenny was kidnapped by a green monster and had already agreed to try to find her.

I remember it well – how could I forget? It was extraordinarily cold that winter, my first winter. It had been years since I had been outside the camp — but my new-found confidence in my abilities drove me on. I came across a small farm, it reminded me of my own, but that was a lifetime ago. I knocked on the door, and a very distraught young man, answered. He invited me in for tea and warmth, over which we discussed his problem. His fiancé had been kidnapped by a monster in the woods. He had been able to track them to a cave nearby, but he dared not enter for fear of his own life. I offered my assistance to vanquish the fowl beasts that committed the heinous crime, and set off the next morning to the cave of which he spoke.

Silently, I crept towards the mouth listening for any movement. A green humanoid type creature with what looked like moss for hair emerged. I announced myself and his crime and attacked. He did not move to defend, but it was too late to stay my thrust through his chest.

A woman screamed, and the girl I was to rescue emerged. She took to the monsters side, who in his last breath said “I’m sorry”. I was confused. The woman got up hysterical with both sadness and rage, and slapped me across my face. She then explained that she had refused to marry the man I met, and chose the better man, who happened to be a D-Bee. In my blind justice, I made a grave error. I vowed not to rush in without first investigating the matter further and making sure my course of action was correct.

While Cross and John were picking up some last minute supplies, I dishonorably tried to distance myself from this particular endeavor, it was all moving too fast. I turned off my radio, told Drew to head south so he did not follow me, and I rode north. During my time, I thought on the events of the past, and those of my recent dream. I decided that by running from past mistakes was not the right course of action. I radioed a check in and returned to town to join the others. They had made their way to Jedge’s farm and I made swiftly to join them.

In our best show of teamwork yet, we organized into a solid formation with me on point tracking, Drew and Jonathan on support, and Cross behind with the heavy weaponry. Oddly enough, Cross was rather cooperative and focused, more than usual, I wish I had been, perhaps it could’ve ended differently.

We approached a clearing and a cave, and decided to split up in a sense. Cross made his way to the river in the middle, Jonathan hung back for cover support, Drew was sneaking in the way that Borgs can’t. Upon seeing the cave, my fear returned, and I kept behind Drew. The next sequence happened in a blur. Cross was ambushed on the bank of the river, Drew launched a rocket at the entrance and sniper fire came from behind. I looked for my pistol, but I had left it back at the farm (note to self: carry pistol in holster). When John began to close in, I followed.

At the entrance, a grenade was thrown from the inside, which I managed to kick away before it exploded. We made our way to the interior, until we came to a corner. John proposed I run in to distract and they would cover me. I swung around the corner face to face with another Lizard man, whom I tackled to the ground. I tried to talk to him, to stay my fears of making a mistake; but, it proved futile. Cross shot the lizard man, and it fell limp.

In the room was a circle of chanting mages. Jonathan and Drew began picking them off one by one with their guns. It was painful to watch, but I need to remember, they were casting a spell and the guards were hostile. I went to the girl, made sure she was ok, and shielded her from Jonathan and Drew, now beating the mages with their fists. I should have stopped them, but I didn’t, I couldn’t. I carried the girl out and we made out way back to the farm. Cross and Jonathan captured one of the monsters and hauled it off to town with us.

I took a shot at the bar, left the reward money on the counter, climbed on my horse and rode north in disgust. Disgusted with the exertion of excessive force, and disgusted with myself. By the Code I swear I will not let this happen again. Things are going to change.


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