Tales of Redemption

Sir Joshuah's Journal Entry #4

Sir Joshuah Malley

As the SAMAS pummeled the power armor, it bent down over a sewer cover and the pilot escaped. Drew and I made our way over the scene, but were abruptly stopped by a Coalition soldier who told us not to move. Each passing moment the trail of the attacker was getting colder and I could see Drew itching to get on it. Eventually we were told to report to the back alley behind the museum where Nert, Cross, and Hastings were waiting for us. Nert reviled that the attackers were actually after the package that Hastings had delivered and not our orb. He took the prisoners in for questioning and we made our way to the nearest sewer access.

Upon noticing smoke and fire coming from the parking area, Cross decided to investigate. I gave my horse to aide him in expediting his journey, but he chose to walk instead. In the sewers we headed in the general direction that the pilot was last seen, and when we found a trail, if went back the way we came. We came to two forks and we split up each time. At this point any hope of finding the pilot was getting slim and we regrouped near a door I found. Drew gave the door a little motivation to open, but all we saw was cobwebs and dust.

Cross came on the radio, and strongly suggested we get out of the sewers so as not to be caught as mistaken identities. The Coalition would be sure to be looking for the culprit as well. I intend on investigating this path later. What secrets does it hold? I’ll ask Drew to come along; it will be a good opportunity to talk to him about the statue if nothing else.

We reconvened in a place called Mario’s in which we found a recovering Jonathan. Apparently Cross found him at the scene near the parking lot. He left the infirmary to check out the commotion and get his gear. We relayed what had happened to each of us so we were all on the same page. John, Cross and I debated what to do next, where to go, and what of the orb.

Cross laid out basically what the orb was capable of. I didn’t understand most of it other than it was a component for a very powerful weapon. John argued that the orb should be destroyed to prevent anyone form attaining that much power – absolute power corrupts absolutely. On the other hand Cross felt that the device should be sold to a customer who would use the device for “good”. I agreed with Cross that the best use of the orbs potential lie in getting it to someone who would use it for “good” but I also agreed with John in that no one would be able to handle that much power properly.

Fate had dealt us a strange hand indeed. I am content that our original mission of returning the orb to its original owner has been completed. After seeing what was to become of it, I have decided that the best course of action is to assist our friends headed to Columb and I convinced the others to put off the decision to sell or destroy the artifact until this objective has been seen out. Currently the vehicles are impounded and subject to search, which gives us some time to look into that Gregory character at Cross’ request as well as restock.


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