Tales of Redemption

The Hospitable Necromancer

The Dead Should Stay Dead

Ronaldo Escobar
I had just finished saving a damsel from the maw of a Metzlah, when I heard gunfire several blocks away. Pulling her out of the dead carcass’s tentacled clutches, I told her to head back across the river while I checked out the disturbance down the street. When I arrived, there was nothing to be seen besides the tracks of several Skeletons and Humans. A fight certainly happened, but it was brief and everyone had cleared out.

The human tracks joined up with some sort of robot and it wasn’t long before I heard the machine. The group of treasure hunters were at an old hospital, but what treasure they were seeking, I was at a loss. The robot, about two stories tall, was demolishing one side of the building while the rest entered through the front door.

With the amount of racket they were causing it was only a matter of time before every living and unliving thing came to check it out. I decided it was in all of our best interest to know friend from foe, so I approached the group, hands in the air and called out “Ola! Amigos!”

There were 5 in the foyer: Doctor, two bounty hunters, a dragon, and a Juicer. The man in the robot was mercenary. We agreed to explore the hospital together and that’s when things got weird.

Each floor was your standard hospital ward with 300 years of neglect. The entrance to the third floor though had what seemed to be a brand new plaque. Inside were spirits floating around and two humans. The spirits seemed harmless and after speaking with one of the humans, they were in good health, but still…there was a stench in the air I could not place. A feeling of darkness just around the corner. And then I saw it. An ogre wearing macabre armor walked onto the floor and warned the Merc to not go up to the next floor. That’s when it hit me. Necromancer’s lair. The dead should stay dead I always say.

I called out to my companions that now was the time to vanquish this foul creature and they responded with bullets and grenades. The Necrogre was one tough son of a bitch. He shrugged off just about anything they threw at him. We were going to have to pull out all the stops if we were going to close down this den of evil for good.

- an excerpt from Ronaldo Escobar’s sensational best seller “Danger: An Autobiography


Damsels in distress and impossible monsters? All in a day’s work for Ronaldo! I think his “autobiography” is destined to be a best seller.

The Hospitable Necromancer
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