Celene Watson II


This character is part of the “Others” and is assumed deceased.

This witty girl has droopy purple eyes. Her fine, straight, alabaster hair is waist-length and is worn in a businesslike, simple style. She is very tall and has a wide-hipped build. Her skin is deeply-tanned. She has nearly-nonexistent eyebrows and stubby-fingered hands. Her wardrobe is strange.
Cyber Hunter
Cybernetic Replacements: Left Arm – Has flesh cover

Race Human
C.C. Headhunter
Alignment Miscreant

Level: 3
Hit Points: 31
S.D.C.: 34
P.P.E.: 19

Experience: 4500
Credits: 1959509

IQ 07
MA 10
ME 21
PS 13
PP 19
PE 23
PB 12
Spd 18

Bonuses and Saves
5 attacks per melee.
+ 4 to strike.
+ 7 to parry.
+ 8 to dodge.
+ 4 to roll with punch/fall/impact.
+ 6 to initiative.
+ 3 to save vs psychic attack.
+ 4 to save vs magic.
+ 4 to save vs poison.
+ 16 % to save vs coma/death.

Hand To Hand Abilities
Karate style kick, does 1D8 damage.

Cybernetic Implants Amplified Hearing Gyro-Compass
Muliti-Optic Eye Mechanical Leg Prosthetic Mechanical Arm Prosthetic

Character Class Skills
70% American
50% – Detect Ambush
50% – Detect Concealment
70% – Dragonese
- HTH Martial Arts
62% – Jet Packs
54% – Land Navigation
45% – Lore: Demons and Monsters
70% – Radio:Basic
55% – Radio: Scramblers
50% – Read Sensory Equipment
- Robot Combat: Elite
72% – Robots and Power Armor
70% – Spanish
54%- Tanks and APCs
45% – Tracking
- W.P. Energy Pistol
- W.P. Energy Rifle
-W.P. Heavy
- W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons
-W.P. Sword
60% – Weapon Systems

Related Skills
35% Cook
60% – Motorcycle
60% – Swimming

Secondary Skills
Athletics (general)
40% – Literacy
55% – Mathematics: Basic
50% – Navigation
48%- Truck

.45 Model15 General Officers – .45 Automatic
Payload : 7 rounds Range: 135 feet (41 m) SOC-Damage : 406 S.D.C.
7.65mm Model61 Skorpion -7.65mm Sub-Machinegun
Payload :10 or 20 rounds
Range : 150 feet (46 m)
SOC-Damage: 106 S.D.C.
NE-50 Particle Beam Rifle
Payload : 8 shots froma standard E-Ciip, or 16 from a long E-Ciip.
Range : 1200 feet (365 m) Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
NG-56 Northern Gun Light lon Pistol
Payload : 6 shots standard E-Ciip, 12 shots long E-Ciip.
Range : 400 feet (122 m) Mega-Damage : 206 M.D.
NG-57 Northern Gun Heavy-Duty lon Blaster
Payload : 10 shots. Range : 500 feet (152 m)
Mega-Damage :Two settings, 204 or 306 M.D.

(2) Canteens
(2) Canteens
(5) Week Supply of Freeze-Dried Food (5) Week Supply of Freeze-Dried Food (6) Extra E-Ciips for each
(6) Extra E-Ciips for each
2 knives
4 Grenades
4 Grenades
4 knives Backpack Backpack
Bushman Full Composite Body Armor
Gas Mask and Air Filter Gas Mask and Air Filter Hatchet
Hatchet Knapsack Knapsack
Robot Medical Kit and IRMSS kit
Robot Medical Kand IRMSS kit
Saddle Bags
Saddle Bags
Set of Camoflouge Clothes Set of Camoflouge Clothes Set of Dress Clothes
Set of Dress Clothes
Tinted goggles
Tinted goggles


Celene –
At museum crew of six sent by Groc leader of bad guys… but….
She sent to keep an eye on five others and tell what to do. Take over museum, get artifact to control machine he’s putting together.

Given orders not to kill too many people and to distract when they got it so others could escape with the artifact. The artifact… she doesn’t know what it is, she needed Greg Peterson to identify it. It is (she doesn’t know) Orbs=decoder.

Things went wrong in museum. She suited up in power armor and made a distraction. One of our players (Drew) got in the way of her and at first she didn’t realize she was a borg until wrestling. He tried to block her from escaping with armor. She didn’t kill him blew out side of building and went to sewers as escape route. When she fgured out it was a borg, made her think (Celene is partial cyborg) of a memory of when she was in the coalition special forces. She was smuggling stuff. Black market items when she was caught and she tried to escape. One of her group in the service, strike unit caught her stealing an item and she tried to escape and war firing at him as he was shooting at her, she lost her arm in the battle. Damn Johnathan “Trigger” Reily!

Um… so she made her way down the sewer and met up with her crew at the river. Three of them made it out including Greg with the artifact. Also there was John Patrick and Jean Stone. Two were caught. In the meantime, Group is above ground in city.

John Patrick was the cyber doctor who gave Celene her bionic limbs. He immediately fell in love with her and she was able to coax him into betraying his friends and family, and leave his career to follow her. She wanted to have him follow her so she could use him for smuggling and for her own personal gain with no thought to his interests. Once he betrayed them, he continues to follow her, but is starting to realize that she has not been sincere with him, he has been used, and is doubting his decision to follow her.

Celene Watson II

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