Charge (Ted)

Former CS DogBoy


NAME: Ted #3714 Hit Points: 27
O.C.C.: Dog-Boy PPE: 4
HEIGHT: 7’3” (unusually tall) ISP: 39
WEIGHT: 300 lbs
AGE: 12
ALIGNMENT: Scrupulous
AVAILABLE MONEY: 1400 credits

Level: 1st

APPEARANCE: An unusually tall Dog Boy that has the fur and look of a Golden Retriever. Fur gets matted along the arms from working.

DISPOSITION: Seems lost and is if looking for something, but nothing that is in sight. Always searching the perimeter of his sight which sometimes makes people around him nervous. The only time his eyes are not watching the perimeter is when he is having a conversation with someone. An exceptional listener to others talking and a slow responder with his gravely voice.

As long as the person he is speaking with does not have a bad “aura” about them, Charge is very friendly and happy. When something is amiss, out of reaction his teeth show with a slight snarl. He does this out of reaction whenever he meets a magic user or powerful psionic individual. Talking with an evil supernatural being, Charge can not even talk with these beings and when he does, only a growl or snarling comes out with the occasional spitting.

For the most part, Charge is a nice guy, friendly, courteous, and hospitable.
IQ: 15
ME: 6
MA: 15
PS: 11
PP: 13
PE: 25
PB: 14
SPD: 30

Empathy (4)
See the Invisible
Sense Evil (2)
Sense Magic (3)
Attacks: 4
Initiative: +2
Strike: +1
Parry: +1
Dodge: +1
Roll: +5
Pull Punch: +5
Disarm: +5

American: 88%
Dragonese 55%
Climbing: 50%/40%
Intelligence 38%
Land Navigation 50%
Pilot Hovercraft (ground) 60%
Radio: Basic 55%
Read Sensory Equipment: 40%
Wilderness Survival 40%
WP Modern: Energy Pistol
WP Modern: Energy Rifle
WP Sword
Hand to Hand: Martial Arts
Swimming 80%

Demolitions 65%
Sense of Balance 50%
Walk tightrope 60%
Climb Rope 70%
Back Flip 70%
Pilot Jet Packs 47%
Pilot Motorcycle 65%

First Aid 45%
Lore: Demons & Monsters 25%
Prowl: 25%
Skin & Prepare Animal Hides 30%
Wolfen 30%
Cook 35%

Racial Abilities:
Instinctive Hunter
Keen Hearing
Sense Psychic & Magic Energy – 40%, 400 feet
Sense supernatural beings – 62%
Superior sense of smell
Track by smell alone
Perception +7

vs Magic: +5
vs Poison: +5
vs Coma/Death: +20%
vs Psionics 10 or higher


7.62mm AK-47 Assault Rifle
Payload: 30 Rounds
Range: 900 feet
SDC-Damage: 4d6 SDC

NG Fragmentation Hand Grenade
Range: 40 yards
Mega-Damage: 2d4 MD to a 20 foot area

NG-33 Northern Gun Laser Pistol
Payload: 20 Shots
Range: 800 feet
Weight: 4 lbs
MDC-Damage: 1d6 MD

NG-57 Northern Gun Heavy-Duty Ion Blaster
Payload: 10 Shots
Range: 500 feet
MDC-Damage: Two Settings, 2d4 or 3d6 MD

NG-E12 Heavy Plasma Ejector
Payload: 6 Shots per standard E-Clip, 12 shots for a long E-Clip
Range: 2000 feet
MDC-Damage: 1d6x10 MD

(3) Signal Flares
(8) E-Clips
Air Filter & Gas Mask
Canteen Dog Pack DPM Light Riot Armor
Fist Spikes
Neuro Mace
Survival Knife
Utility Belt
Vibro Blade
Walkie Talkie


Charge (Ted)

It’s a heavy rain and my fur is completely drenched, even under all this armor. While I’ve been watching this caravan of wagons pass, I can smell a magic user among them. I’m supposed to follow any user of magic that I come across, but instead I sit here, using my knife to desecrate the symbol on my armor. I’m supposed to report in tonight on where I am and what I have done………I’m a Coalition servant no more.

Thoughts of Texas and where I grew up under Roberts supervision. At first he treated me like a puppy, then like a child, and then it turned to anger when I didn’t perform as well as he expected. The thoughts of the bull whip make my skin quiver and rain drops fall off my coat.

I served the Coalition well, and did Roberts bidding. I had served with a Dog Pack for the first five years and had been treated well by my CS brethren. Although he acted happy to see me with a group, as soon as we were alone, I could see the displeasure on Roberts face. I was never good enough.

Charge (Ted)

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