Greg Peterson


This peaceful man has beady eyes the color of chestnuts. His luxurious, straight, neck-length hair is the color of cold ashes, and is worn in an impractical style. He is very short and has an elegant build. His skin is cream-colored. He has thin lips and a pointed chin. His wardrobe is professional.
Techno Wizard – Leader of the group
5 Attacks
4th Level


Greg Peterson bad guy yes and no. He was surprised that he saw Nathan Cross at the museum. They trained together when working in the Manistique Imperium. They served together in the army. Good times. He couldn’t let anyone know he recognized cross because he was on the job. How he got trapped into working with this group is beyond him but he’s so far deep that he’s trapped. How did he get to where he is…. he was hired by Groc for a job putting a large machine together. It sounded entertaining and the money was good, but started noticing things around the camp, shady things like as if the people were slaves. Once in the museum Celene Watson killed the museum personnel and that’s when he realized that the people are trouble and he’s in the wrong place, but he has the artifact on him. He can’t get away from them and he goes to the pre-planned meeting place and is having thoughts as to how to get away from Celene. Can he just give it to her and leave. He’s at the river and can’t go back to the city because of what happened there (?).

Greg Peterson

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