James Falcone


James Falcone <jimmy>

The Falcone’s are a wealthy family where James grew up without needs near <insert>. His family had made their money thru trade and transporting goods even though many of the family members are well known magic users. James was taught under friends of the family and other family members not by his immediate family.

During one of James’ breaks from study he did a ride along transport with one of his family’s employees. The traveling enticed his imagination and yearning to learn. Not so much about becoming a wizard but to travel and see the world around him. He was 15 years old at the time.

The yearning grew. At age 18 he approached both his parents that he wanted to take a sabbatical and learn about the world. It took him completely off guard at how proud his parents were and completely understood. They gave him a nest fund if things became dire and he needed to check in from time to time. What James did not understand about his parents were that wanted him to learn outside of their world and expect him to be capable to run the company upon his return. They figure whenever he returns he will be ready. James has kept his promise by checking in regularly and has only once hit the fund for a meager sum to keep going. It has been 3 years already.

James Falcone does not advertise his abilities as a Techno-Wizard and often finds himself doing manual labor to make ends meet as he travels. He finds doing manual labor helps his imagination doing things the hard way. Often when he has made his money from the work and if there is someone there to use it, he leaves a person with a TW device to help with the work. In all sense he is a Dilettante with regard to being a Techno-Wizard.

Unfortunately in the beginning of his travels he found out the negatives of advertising himself as a Techno-Wizard for work and how people reacted to him. The people who he interacted with treated him differently and were aloof if they knew his trade. James found this to contradict his yearn to learn and made it a point not to advertise afterwards.

As we know, traveling alone is dangerous. It can be especially dangerous if you look like “easy pickings” for bandits. A few bandits have been surprised when being hosed down by a TW glue gun.

James Falcone

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