Johnathan "Trigger" Reily

Ex-Coalition special forces, not good following orders anymore.


Name: Johnathan Reily
Alias: Trigger
Race: Human
Description: Schemer: Gambler who likes to take chances.
OCC:Formerly CS Special Forces
Level: 5 XP/XPtnl: 19926 / 24881
Age: 25
Height: 6’ 2"
HP: /
Sex: M
Weight: 210 lbs
SDC: 82 / 82


Before I joined the military I had learned to shoot rabid animals at 1300 feet, primarily because we had to; if any had gotten to the livestock my fathers small farm would be ruined. I also spent many hours working on the tractors and other equipment we had, since this was our only livelihood and parts are scarce. Home life was tough, mom had died when I was 4, and the relationship between my father and I was less then stellar. In fact it was down right horrible. I don’t blame him though, he did his best, but I never
realized it until he died. That’s when the world fell apart for me. I had no other choice but to move on, I couldn’t handle the farm myself. How old? Let’s just say I was young when I joined the military, almost too young. Fresh out of money and ready to take on the
world, I joined the Coalition. My social background made me an instant target for drill instructors and political officers bent on my subordination; I never quite liked them, but what else was there for an orphaned farmer boy, huh? Ironically however, my skills proved more of a benefit against my upbringing in a small town then anticipated. I rose thru the lower ranks at an alarming pace and was allowed entrance into the Special Forces by age 20; apparently I was born to kill.

Rigorous training ensued and had created who I am today, honed my skills and broadened my appreciation of my past. The Coalition, my “employers” had done a bang up job on me. But I can see by the look on your face this is not why you asked me about my past.

It’s a short story, so grab a drink and listen up.

Recent events have lead to a sorted separation between me and my previous “employers”. It began about 8 months ago, Megan was here name, and she was the only thing I can say
I truly loved. She had green eyes, the kind you could stare at for days, fair skin the color of milk, and fiery red hair cascading down here thin body, resting only when it reached her waist. I could tell you that she was voluptuous and curvy, but I would be untruthful, she was short in stature and gentle in curve, but her beauty was far deeper. Her most endearing quality though was her belief that all life was a treasure. And I believed it, to a fault.

My line of work dictated that I do things I don’t agree with or even like, never to ask
why, but to do, that was my job. She was only an innocent, young, foolish and lovely girl. I can only remember finding her body in the rubble, and turning my vengeance on my superiors. I was fortunate enough not to have any ammunition handy as that would most certainly have been my death. For once, the political officers looked on and decided in
my favor, but only because it was in there best interest. My service record had been exemplary and held up against their rigors. When all was said and done it was deemed instead of death I would be discharged with dishonorable conduct. What they never said in the papers was that I am militarily flagged to all prospective jobs in the private sector, what a fitting end to an otherwise bloody career. Since you need some help and I’m left with little else to do with my time, I think I’m your guy. Who you need me to kill.

Johnathan "Trigger" Reily

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