Nathan Cross

Cross the Operator


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XP: 0

Name: Nathan Cross (goes by “Cross” most places)
Rank: None (ex-Lance Corporal)
Age: 29 Height: 5’-9”
Sex: Male Weight: 187lbs.
Alignment: Aberrant Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
OCC: Operator
Level: 1

HP: 21 SDC: 35
IQ: 24 10% to Skills/2 Perception]
ME: 19 2 v.s psy.attk/insanity]
MA: 20 [60% trust/intimidate]
PS: 13
PP: 21 [
3 Strike/Parry/Dodge]
PE: 15
PB: 18 [40% charm/impress]
Spd: 12

OCC Skills
Language/Literacy: American 98%
Language/Literacy: Spanish 92%
Language/Literacy: Euro 92%
Language/Literacy: Techno-Can 92%
Recognize Machine Quality 68%
Basic Math 75%
Computer Operations 60%
Computer Repair 45%
Electrical Engineer 60%
Find Contrband 51%
Jury Rig 55%
Mechanical Engineer 55%
Radio:Basic 70%
Sensory Equipment 60%
Weapons Engineer 50%
Pilot: Hovercycles 95%
Pilot: Automobiles 85%
Pilot: Morotcycles 85%
Pilot: Combat Helicopters 77%
W.P. Blunt
W.P.Energy Pistol

Other Skills
Robot Mechanics 40%
Auto Mechanics 45%
Robot Electronics 50%
Weapon Systems 60%
Pilot – Robots & Power Armor 76%
Pilot: Robot combat (elite- flying P.A.) ——
Electronic Countermeasures 55%
W.P.Heavy Energy Weapons

Secondary Skills
First Aid 55%
History: Post-Apocalypse 45%/40%
Pilot Jet Pack 52%

Weapon Proficiencies
Blunt, Energy Pistol, Heavy Energy Weapons, Handgun

HtH: Basic
Attacks per Melee: 4
Parry +3
Dodge +3
Strike +3
Roll +2
Pull Punch: +2
HF: +0
Initiative: +0
Disarm: +0

Psionic Powers(major: 12 or better vs. psi attack)
Total Recall, Machine Ghost, Telemechanics
I.S.P: 36


None at moment, IS looking forward to getting enough money together to get a few basic implants.


Nathan Cross

Seems to me that since the Earth opened up and spit out all manner of demons and devils, the meek aint had much of a chance of inheriting one damned thing. All my life I’ve watched as one strong group or another comes in and stomps all over the little guy. When I was mite bit younger and whole lot more full of ideals, seems i was of a mind to help put an end to all that. Then i watched as good intentions went and got a whole lot of people killed, good, bad, meek and strong.
Been a long time since then. Some of that i been on my own, some more of that i haven’t. Lucky me ive got a knack for machines and just about anything associated with ‘em. Fair draw with a gun when need calls for it, too.
Had my run-ins with the Coalition, and while im far from overjoyed at seeing ‘em do what they think has to be done, im not about to bring war to their doorstep if i can avoid it. In fact id like just about to avoid any kind of conflict of that particular nature. I spent a long time with folk who figured all they needed was a righteous cause, a wing, and a prayer to set the world straight.
Fact is, world’s straight enough and not a damn thing anyone can do to change it. Best bet is find yourself a niche and fill it. I found mine. Fixin’ and travellin’. Enjoyin’ both of those things, even picked myself up a handy little vehicle to tool around in. Took to callin’ it the Outrider.
These days i head round from town to town, steering clear of the bigger places much as i can. Maybe ill get lucky and ill get a job with a big enough payoff to head west and keep out of these bigger folks way. So yeah, right now, im for hire. You get a job needs doin, ill take it, dont matter much what it is.

Nathan Cross

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