Reuter Thomas

Dead Dwarf


Murdered by Celene Watson and Glenn Shino July 21, 105 PA

Race Dwarf
C.C. Forger
Alignment Unprincipled

IQ 14
MA 12
ME 14
PS 14
PP 14
PE 23
PB 7
Spd 8

Level: 4
Hit Points: 37
S.D.C.: 33
P.P.E.: 23
I.S.P.: 25

Experience: 10320
Credits: 8314

Bonuses and Saves
5 attacks per melee.
+ 2 to strike.
+ 3 to parry.
+ 3 to dodge.
+ 2 to roll with punch/fall/impact.
+ 0 to initiative.
+ 4 to save vs magic.
+ 4 to save vs poison.
+ 16% to save vs coma/death.

Character Class and Racial Abilities
Nightvision 90ft (27.4 m)

Character Class Skills
98% – American
65%- Art
65% – Atlantean
40% – Computer Hacking
75% – Computer Operation
60%- Computer Programming
45% – Disguise
85%- Euro
50% – Forgery
- HTH Expert
65% – Literacy
85% – Mathematics: Basic
65% – Photography
70% – Radio: Basic
85% – Spanish
52% – T.VNideo
- W.P. Energy Rifle
-W.P. Sword

Related Skills
66% – Automobile
45% – Automotive Mechanics
52%- Truck

Secondary Skills
30% – Lore: Demons & Monsters
55% – Navigation
40% – Prowl
50% – Radio: Scramblers
45% – Read Sensory Equipment

Sixth Sense

NE-1o Plasma Cartridge Rifle
Payload : 20 rounds
Range : 1200 feet (365 m) Mega-Damage : 1D4x10 M.D.
NE-4 Plasma Cartridge Pistol
Payload : 10 shots
Range : 500 feet (152 m) Mega-Damage: 1D4x10 M.D.
Short Sword
SOC-Damage : 106 S.D.C.
Throwing Axe
Range : Varies
SDC-Damage : 1D4

1 laser scalpel
3 scalpels
35mm camera Backpack Canteen
Carrying Case or sachel with paints, pencils, pens and other art supplies
Fine Jewelers Tools
Full-size Portable computer
Gas Mask and Air Filter
Heat gun Knapsack Microfilm camera
PC3000 Hand-held Computer PDD Pocket audio recorder Pen-Flashlight
Pocket flashlight
Pocket laser distancer
Pocket magnifying glass or jewelers Ioupe
Portable microscope Set of Dress Clothes Set of exacto-knives Set of Military Fatigues Sketchpad
Tinted goggles
Urban Warrior Padded Body Armor
Various Glues and Wax
Video/film recorder


Reuter was in-between jobs and traveling southward when he met Glenn Shino yesterday. The job appears easy enough as the gentleman presented it. The place is further south too so it will work with Reuter’s travel plans. Reuter does find something odd about Glenn and when Celene shows up it just confirms there is something up with this gig. Miss Diag was hired about the same time and she appears to be a bit aloof, but not “off” like these other two. Reuter has made his mind up that he will get the job done, get paid, and then skedaddle quickly away from these folks.

The job: unlock the APC so a package can be delivered.

Agreed upon rate: 500 credits if no action. 5000 credits if Reuter needs to shoot back.

Sizing up the others the heavy hitter appears to be Celene, but she does not appear to be too bright. She appears to be partial borg with some of her limbs replaced and a big chip on her shoulder.
If anything happens on this job Reuter will run unless some innocent person outside of the group is being harmed, then Reuter will do whatever he can so he can look at himself in the mirror in the morning and still smile.

Reuter Thomas

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