Sir Joshuah Malley


O.C.C.: Cyber Knight
Alignment: Scrupulous
Level: Six
XP: 26171
Height: 5’ 11"
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Family Origin:

IQ:12 ME:15 MA:19 PS:23 PP:13 PE:15 PB:10 Spd:16
H.P.:37 , S.D.C.:65 , P.P.E.:21 , I.S.P.:48

Known Arsenal:
Wilks 330 Pistol
Wilks 447 Rifle

Languages: American, Spanish, Dragonese/Elf, Fairie Speak

Combat: H2H Martial Arts

Known Skills:
Anthropology 75%
Paramedic 80%
Horsemanship: Cyber Knight 88%
Tracking (people) 70%
Tracking (animal) 55%
Mythology 65%
Law (gerneral) 70%
History (post apoc) 70%
Detect Ambush 65%
Detect Concealment 55%
Jury Rig 45%
Philosophy 50%
Lore: Demons
Lore: Fairies & Creatures of Magic 55%
Lore Magic: 55%
General Repair and Maintenance 65%

Special Abilities:

Known Psychic Abilities:

Known Spells:

Known Magical Items:


Joshuah was born and raised on a small farm in south-western Wisconsin with his father, Jeremiah; mother, Sara; and his younger siblings, Rachel and Benjamin. They lived a simple life, occasionally selling produce in a small nearby town where they kept up on current events (that is as current as the news is in a small farming town). Several members of the town, including Jeremiah, were veterans of a war – a war that no one seemed to talk about. If pressed on the matter, they would turn you away, or walk away themselves.

Joshuah’s uncle (Sarah’s brother), was a well thought of cyber-knight named Michael who roamed the countryside. Every autumn, he would visit the farm and stay for a week or two and help out with the work. At night he would tell them of his exploits as a knight or other knights in distant lands. The stories fascinated Joshuah for as long as he could remember and every year looked forward to the time his Uncle would come. In the autumn of the year Josh turned 15, his Uncle never came. Day and night, Josh would watch the road, hoping that today would be the day.

Mid-November, after the first snowfall, Josh was beginning to loose hope. His mother and father tried to console him, telling him that Michael was strong and that perhaps he would come next year and have his most grand adventure yet to tell. The last day Josh decided he would watch, at dusk, a man in a dark robe and a walking stick was slowly pulling himself along the road towards the farm. Josh sprang to help the man, and called out to his father for help. As he approached the man, a sick feeling came over him like a wave, and he knew. When Jeremiah arrived, the man collapsed, and they carried Uncle Mike into the house.

His body was severally damaged with deep gashes that seemed to ignore his cyber armor, the sword hand was missing, and a bandage was wrapped around his eyes. A horizontal cut ran across his face, temple to temple, rendering his eyes useless. They tended to his wounds, and on about the 4th day he regained consciousness, but remained too weak to talk. To the astonishment of the family, the armor was healing as if it was alive. By the 7th day he was able to walk and during dinner he finally spoke.

Michael told how he was asked to vanquish a beast that was terrorizing the citizens of a town about 350 miles south. He picked up the trail and tracked it across the land for several months. Then suddenly the trail got hot in the beginning of the fall, and around the time he usually visits, he had his first skirmish with the beast. He managed to inflict several wounds, causing the thing to retreat without ever getting a good look at it.

Several days later, he was ambushed by the beast, and lost his eyesight. A long and arduous battle ensued. He managed to keep fighting and with the last of his strength, he stabbed the beast. It let out a death cry, but cut his hand off as it tumbled to the ground. He fell unconscious for some time, but knew he needed to come back to the farm, for there was something he still must do, as told to him in a dream.

Michael offered to train Joshuah to become a knight. His parents were against it, but decided to leave the decision to Josh. With great enthusiasm, he accepted the offer, and it was decided that after Michael regained his strength, they would depart.

For ten years, Joshuah trained with Michael. He learned the fighting techniques, survival skills, meditation rituals, and most importantly, the knight’s code. They traveled together helping people as knights should, and much was experienced and learned. However, by the end of the tenth year, after mastering all of the skills necessary to be a knight, Josh was still unable to summon a psi-sword. He could not find the inner peace needed.

Regarding himself as a failure, he and Michael return to the farm. Upon their arrival, they find a stranger staying with the family as a hired hand. He had come to them in search for food and shelter for a couple weeks before he continued his journey north. Josh took little notice of the man, but Michael could tell this was a former military man and decided to keep an eye on him.

A week passes without incident, until a team of two Coalition soldiers and a ‘Borg arrives in town looking for a man who fit the strangers’ description. It is Rachel who brings the news home, but too late for the stranger. The soldiers followed her to the house, and confusion immediately sets in as the stranger gathers the family into the barn. He reached into his duffel bag and pulled out a pistol, and says if anyone moves, they’ll die. The Coalition calls out that they know he’s in there. He replies that he has hostages. Time passes, and Michael makes a move to disarm the stranger. In the struggle, Michael is shot. Using the distraction to their advantage, the Coalition launched their attack. When they heard the gun go off, one of the soldiers fired a spray of bullets – killing everyone in the room. Hearing all the commotion, Josh came back from the field and discovered the massacre with three Coalition soldiers standing over the bodies. In rage, he tackled the closest (and one who fired)…impaling him on a pitchfork.

Josh was arrested, but unlike others who have killed soldiers, his sentence was lighted to a work camp at the behest of the ’Borg who felt that the murder of the soldier was an offset for the soldier opening fire on civilians.

Joshuah was sentenced to ten years in the camp. In year 3, a new inmate named Victor became his cell mate. They became good friends, and discovered each was wronged by the Coalition and both had Cyber-knight histories. Victor was hired as a merchants guard. In between towns, they came across a CS checkpoint. The merchant happened to be a DB that closely resembled human. The checkpoint was giving them a hard time and begins roughing up the merchant. As the bodyguard, Victor attempted to protect the merchant and inadvertently killed a CS soldier.

They join an underground movement within the camp. Year 8, The group decides to try a prison break. Josh has a year and a half left on his sentence and, still living by the code as best he can manage cannot justify breaking out, but Victor has no second thoughts and tries to convince his good friend to change his mind. The night of the break Victor says he will wait for Josh as long as possible before breaking out. Victor leaves, Josh remains in prison for the rest of his term, gets out on year 10.

After Victors departure, he begins again, remembering the proverb, “It is easy to lose yourself to fear and hate, and therefore destroy that which you fear or loathe. But striking out at darkness does not eliminate it. Destruction out of anger, without reason or purpose, is simply destruction. You must learn to control fear and anger and love, for they can blind you to the truth. You must rechannel emotion, and learn to see in the dark. Become a builder, not a destroyer. Yet remember, you must tear down that which has become infested with rot in order to build anew.” After all that has happened, he finally understands what it means, and upon opening his eyes from meditation, a psi-sword rests in his right hand.

Upon his release, he sold the farm and used the money to by his equipment, and began to travel the world much like his Uncle Michael once did – even naming his robot horse after him. In his journey he encountered a rather peculiar ‘Borg named Drew under circumstances he’d rather not divulge. They have been traveling together since.

Sir Joshuah Malley

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