Dr. Wendell Moore

Doctor - Body Fixer


Name: Wendell Moore
Other Aliases:
O.C.C.: Body-Fixer
Alignment: Scrupulous
Level/Experience: __1____/_____1450_____ S.D.C.: 54 H.P.: 25
Height: Tall
Weight: Husky
Age: 32 P.P.E.: 9 I.S.P.: 0
Gender: Male
Family Origin: Earth Native
Disposition: All around good person – Kind, generous, compassionate, and positive. The glass is usually half full.
Attributes: Attribute Bonuses:
IQ: 13
ME: 13
MA: 16 40% to invoke trust/intimidate
PS: 27 12 SDC damage in HTH
PP: 17 +2 Strike, Parry and Dodge
PE: 22 +14% vs Coma, +4 vs Magic
PB: 13
Spd: 14 Approx 9 mph
HTH Basic Combat Bonuses:
Attacks: 4 Modern WPs:
Strike: +2 Aimed: +3
Parry: +2 Called Shot: +3
Dodge: +3 Burst: +1
Roll: +4
Initiative: Perception: +2/
Pull Punch: +2
Disarm: +1
Saving Throw Bonuses:
vs Coma/Death: +14%
vs Horror Factor: +2
vs Possession:
vs Magic: +4
vs Psionics:
vs Poison: +6
vs Disease: +7
vs Illusions:
Saving Throws:
Spell Magic: 12
Ritual Magic: 16
Psionics: 15
Lethal Poison: 14
Non-Lethal Poison: 16
Harmful Drugs: 15
Insanity: 12
Pain: 14
Disease: 14

HTH Moves:
Punch 1d4
Elbow 1d6
Power Punch x2
Knee Strike 1d8
Kick 2d4
Tackle 1d4
Pull Punch
Roll w/ Impact

OCC Skills: %/lvl
Language: American 96% 0%
Language: Spanish 70% 5%
Language: Gobbley 70% 5%
Literacy: American 70% 5%
Body Building -
Basic Math 60% 5%
Biology 60% 5%
Brewing: Medicinal 55%/60% 5%
Chemistry 50% 5%
Lore: D-Bee 50% 5%
Medical Doctor 80%/70% 5%
Outdoorsmanship -
Horsemanship: General 50%/30% 4%
Pathology 70% 5%
Sensory Equipment 50%/35% 5%
WP Knife -
Xenology 50% 5%

Other Skills: %/lvl
Field Surgery 45% 4%
Forensics 55% 5%
Holistic Medicine 50%/40% 5%
Animal Husbandry 50% 5%
Veterinary Science 75% 4%
Wilderness Survival 45% 5%
Chemistry: Pharmaceutical 40% 5%
Zoology 40% 5%
Gymnastics: -
-Sense of Balance 50% 3%
-Work Parallel Bars/Rings 60% 3%
-Back Flip 70% 2%
-Prowl 30% 0%
-Climb 25% 0%
-Climb Rope/Rappel 60% 2%
Cook 45% 5%
Fishing 50% 5%

Secondary Skills: %/lvl
Hand to Hand: Basic -
Identify Plants & Fruit 40% 5%
Preserve Food 40% 5%
Track & Trap Animals 25%/35% 5%
WP: Energy Rifle -
WP: Rifle -

Familiarity with D-Bees: No skill penalty with common/known
D-Bees; Only a -20% penalty when dealing with extremely alien
physiology, rare or previously unknown D-Bees
-20% when working on bionic modifications, -30% when
working on alien bionics, -50% on alien bionics
+20% to diagnose disease with Medical Doctor skill, +10 to
Brewing and Holistic Medicine when making a cure
Can reduce symptoms (penalties and duration) of Disease by half
Can recognize possession, magical illnesses and curses

Available Money: C6,000 credits C18,000 credits’ worth of Black Market saleable items

Two surgical gowns, a dozen pairs of disposable surgical gloves, one pair of reusable surgical gloves, surgical kit (includes scalpels, clamps, suture, needles, etc), medical kit (first-aid kit, bandages, antiseptics, protein healing salve, aspirin, painkiller, antibiotics, hypodermic gun, stethoscope, pen flashlight), IRMSS/Internal Robot Micro-Surgeon System, RMK/Robot Medical Kit, hand-held computer, hand-held blood pressure machine (computerized), thermometer, six unbreakable vials, and other basic items, portable compu-drug dispenser, portable laboratory, backpack, medical bag or satchel, one vibro-knife (1D6 MDC), two scalpels (1D4 SDC), one Wilk’s Laser Scalpel, flashlight, pen flashlight, hat with a brim, hooded cape or poncho, canteen, a pair of sunglasses, air filter, a pocket notepad and two pens, and some personal items.

Urban Warrior MDC armor
11 lbs, -5% movement penalty
-Main Body 50
-Helmet 35

Wilk’s 447 Laser Rifle
-Range 2,000 ft
-3D6 MD
-20 shots
-2 additional short e-clips

Tranquilizer Rifle
-Lasts 4D4 melees
-Range 800 ft, 10 darts
-Save vs Non-Lethal Poison or
unconsious in 1D4 melees
If a success: Only woozy in
1D4 melees (-2 strike/parry/
dodge, -10% on all skills)

Background Summary:

[Environment Growing Up] Wendell grew up in a small wilderness town where hunting, trapping, raising crops and livestock, and respecting nature were the way of life. There was little racial diversity and only basic technology.

[Initial Reason for Adventuring] His initial reason for adventuring was wanderlust; he wanted to see the world.

[Sentiments toward the Coalition] In his travels he has learned to distrust and fear the Coalition States. He’s seen too many injustices, atrocities and acts of ruthlessness at the hands of the CS military, especially against non-humans, practitioners of magic, and those of different beliefs.

[Sentiments toward Non-Humans] In general Wendell treats all sentient beings with the utmost respect and courtesy until they prove undeserving of it. He has a high regard for life and personal freedom.


Dr. Wendell Moore

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