TW Wand of Insight and Vigor

Techno-Wizardry Enhanced Electronic Wand


This electronic wand has a handle and appears at a quick glance to look like a “typical” magical wand as per fantasy stories. But closer inspection will reveal clear quartz stones at each end, and three stones set into the handle. This is a Techno-Wizard device with a jumbled labrynth of miniturized electronics, wires, and precious stones inside of it. The handle has three precious stone “buttons” that activate the spells programmed into it – an Onyx stone, a Jade stone and an Ivory stone.

Onyx Stone: Activates the “Locate Minerals” Earth Warlock spell when 10 P.P.E. for the spell is provided. Level 5 effect and duration.

Jade Stone: Activates the “Lifeblast” Invocation spell when 15 P.P.E. is provided. Level 5 effect and duration.

Ivory Stone: No apparent effect.


It’s possible this is an unfinished device, due to the apparent uselessness of the third stone/button. It seems the original creator may have intended to eventually add a third function but never got around to it before the wand was relieved from his or her posession. Or perhaps the device was designed to have three functions, but the materials needed for it could no longer fit after the first two functions were set.

Each spell requires the standard P.P.E. cost to activate. In the case of Lifeblast, point the tip of the wand at the target, press the stone, channel the PPE and the spell effect goes off on the target. For the Locate Minerals spell, the user touches the tip of the wand to him or her self (side of the head is typical, but anywhere will work), presses the stone, channels the PPE and the spell effect occurs for the user.

There is little known about the creator of this device. What kind of mind would pair together in one device a spell to locate minerals and a spell to energize the living but decimate the undead? On top of that, what sort of thought process takes an electronic device designed to look like a magical device and turns it into a magical device using electronic means?

Since the wand was found amongst a treasure pile within a ruined pre-Rifts church, it and its creator have been parted for some time so the world may never know what sort of person its creator was.

TW Wand of Insight and Vigor

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