Tales of Redemption

Itchy Trigger Finger
Johnathan "Trigger" Reily Braindump

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
I’m not sure why i even write a log these days….everything seems to have changed, as always in these times. The cyber-knight, the cyborg, the talking horse….all gone. Hastings is the only one left from the original band of misfits. I’m glad for Drew, sorry to see him go, but i know once you find what it is you’ve been searching for you kinda wanna hold on to it. I just wish i knew what i was looking for…….

Sleep was patchy, the usual nightmares of giant rabbits chasing you with chainsaws, ants smoking pot and eating small children cause they have the munchies, or clowns selling life insurance door to door were not present. Something far worse was there, in my head, striving to get out. clawing its way out of my head through whatever cracks it may have found, god knows they’re there. I awoke again, not wanting to go back to sleep, something foreboding loomed close.

The day prior the group had somewhat disbanded, albeit I stayed with the gear while they went off looking for something to do. I had a good idea where they were headed, but decided to stay, take stock of the gear and see what needed fixing…there’s always something that needs fixing. As the hours ticked on it became apparent that the rest of them wouldn’t be back by nightfall. something that we knew they needed to be. I had some beggars, some traveling salesmen, and yes, a clown selling insurance (for my bike though) all travel close to the “hidden” APC. [note to self: Hastings is never allowed to be in charge of camouflage again] One item in particular stood out. An old world map of the city just over the river. So once again, I mounted the hover-bike and sailed off north, looking for the group.

I found them, just the other side of the river, in a hole the size of a small truck. the inside of which turned out to be a tanker, a very old tanker. They had some gear collected, and were in some sort of quandary about a book…..why? I’m not sure, and I’m pretty sure i didn’t want to know.

Let me reflect on my raiding companions once more so if anyone does actually find this and is somewhat tempted to know what kind of person I was, here it is: A juicer, a crazy, an assassin, and a tree dragon…..sounds like the beginning of a horrible joke. I’m not sure if that’s what anyone else would call them, but that’s what i call them. funny thing is we all met at a bar….but i digress. These are the ones that I’ll discharge my weapon for, although they are also the ones most likely to get me in this kind of trouble anyway.

After successfully finding the team (who had been rather bent on possibly killing each other) i was led down to the hold of the ship, where, i laid eyes on the one thing i thought i would never see. a 200+ year old bulldog robot. to say it was in bad shape would be nice, it was a mess of wires and grease, and would take several hours just to get it mobile, let alone effective in combat. Hasting and the tree dragon then began a friendly game of tag…why? Again, I don’t really want to know. We had to pack up for the night and head back to camp. nightfall on this island, as we’ve been told, is not the place to be. And here we are, back at the foreboding feeling. the group has all headed to the local tent village to get their drink on, while I entertain ideas on how to get that robot up and running. The dragon and I have worked out a plan to survey the island during the daylight as i get the robot back in mobile shape. There seems to be a hospital, some churches, a convention center, an airport, a power station and an art museum on the old map, i wonder if there’s anything useful to be found. If i live to see the next night, i just might jot it down, but who, knows.

Bert Tanners' work log
In the belly of the ship

Bert Redman Tanner
After a few rounds of fighting with a ghost, I had enough. This thing was giving me the creeps. I’m ready to go, I cautiously walk toward the room where the exit is. I hear a gun shot go off. It appears that Hastings shot at a book and hit Kizl instead. What the hell did he do that for? Why is he shooting at a book?
Hey! Char, stop punching me! Why is this freak hitting me? Two can play this! Take that, One to the chin. Ok, this is getting old. Well it’s about time Kizl Nelithi, I was going to knock him out. He’s lucky you separated us. Kizl Nelithi hands me the book. I glance through it but can’t make much sense of it other than it has spells or something. Not much use to me. Finally Char goes top side.
Hi Johnathan “Trigger” Reily, you missed all the fun. They are over there. Hey….Boo!

I put the book in my pack and make my way up the ladder. Char, put that thing away before you poke someones eye out! He had a beed on me as I was climbing out of the ship! Something just got kitties attention. Off he goes toward the building. Just then, the ground shook. What the hell was that? Something is ramming the boat! It looks like a giant worm about 350" long. Hey guys get out of the ship before it collapses!
looks like Char brought back a new friend. It’s Nome, he doesn’t look to good, doesn’t seem to be coherent. After a while he is able to gather himself. We can’t loose our contact! Char I’m going to take him back to Shantytown. I’m sure Johnathan “Trigger” Reily won’t mind me borrowing his hover cycle. I drop him off and comeback to the ship. Finally they are out. Since I’m the muscle around here, I pick up an abandoned car and put it over the hole. The plan is to comeback for some more treasure later.
The hairy ape is back. It’s pacing back and forth in the building where Char found Nome.
All of the sudden, The 350’ long worm comes flying out of the water and swallows one of the transport boats whole. Holy cow that thing is big! I guess those guys won’t be partying tonight after losing there buds to a worm…That sucks.
All of us make it back to the APC. Johnathan “Trigger” Reily and Kizl Nelithi stay. It’s late and they need sleep. Hastings, Charand I go into town for a some grub and a night cap. The night life around here is non existent. I can’t here any laughter. All I can gather is that everyone is terrified of the worm. I guess reality set in.
I crossed paths with Bart, one of Nomes guys. He is requesting a spell for Nome and he also said there a bunch of mutants and large worms moving about and not to be there at night. I told him I would ask about a spell. We parted ways. If we don’t fix Nome, we aint gonna get anymore jobs. I headed back to the APC.

We returned to the ship the next day. Upon approaching the car we smell smoke coming from the ship. I move the car. Kizl Nelithi goes in first followed by the rest. We find some ape men repairing the robot that Johnathan “Trigger” Reily was working on yesterday. “Leave our home now” the ape says. Looks like Johnathan “Trigger” Reily isn’t to happy.
At that moment, a worm breaks thru the hull then an explosion happens in the exit room. All hell breaks loose. I knew we shouldn’t have come back. The apes run past us toward the explosion. Char and I follow while the others try and move the robot out of the ship through a newly created hole. We lost the apes, they’re gone. I turn around to exit with the others. Char stands there in disbelief, like he lost his puppy or something.

While Johnathan “Trigger” Reily continues to work on the robot. Kizl Nelithi and I decide to take a quick flight around the city. Try to figure out a place to go to next. The whole city looks devastated. Half of the churches are ruined, the convention center is missing its roof. The hospital doesn’t look so good either.

Dragon Tales, Episode 2: Kizl makes some friends.

Kizl Nelithi
Kizl’s fears became realized – the Splugorth slaver spotted the Humans and made it way towards them. He heard one of the Humans yell to their group that they should run and Kizl thought for a moment how right she was. Small booms rang out from her staff as she started firing towards some of the minions. Kizl swallowed his fear and charged out of hiding in order to run past the slaver in an attempt to distract it and make it turn around. He silently hoped the humans would get the hint and run while these Splugorth were being distracted.

They didn’t.

All of them stood their ground and either opened fire or ran in to fight in hand to hand combat. Kizl returned to help them fight. Luckily none of them attacked Kizl. The slave barge and its minions were eventually defeated (maybe they had previously suffered some major damage or losses?) As the last slave minion fell to the ground Kizl felt the stares of all the Humans trained on him, wondering what to do next.

A good question.

Kizl tried to teleport away but wasn’t able to make it work. Stupid ability, someday he would master that. But today, obviously, he would not. Kizl offered an awkard greeting and they all warily talked with him. He let them know they were in danger from some Lizard Mage, though he couldn’t say exactly why he knew that – he still wasn’t sure himself! He let them know he had followed them for a while.

The humans seemed nervous but after talking it over decided to warily allow the dragon hatchling child to accompany them. Kizl was overjoyed – now he could openly get to know these strange creatures better! He leapt up on top of the trailer of logs they were towing and rested there, keeping a look out for them from his high vantage point.

And occasionally napping in the sun. It was comfortable.

They encountered a random dead human in the road. A strange weapon was found on him that Kizl instinctively understood – it was magical techno-wizardry! He was able to charge it but he gave the weapon to the human with the weird metal cans in his head. That Human seemed to be better able to use it than he could.

Kizl talked with and got to know his new human friends on and off during their journey. He especially found the one called “John” most fascinating. He piloted the complicated machine towing all these logs and Kizl poked his head in through the roof often to engage the human in one-sided conversation.

Later in their travels Kizl could feel a Rift nearby. Once they crested the hill and could see it the sight was truely amazing. Hundreds of feet in the air is where the Rift opened up, and water was pouring out of it, flooding the area. The vehicles managed to cross the flooded road while some of them explored the new stream. A corpse of some sort of creature was found, and Kizl didn’t like how it smelled.

They travelled on.

Just before arriving at their destination the human leading the way decided to leave them. Kizl didn’t really understand why she was leaving and he was sorry to see her go – all humans are fascinating. They made camp a little ways outside of a town. The cargo was set on fire! But then they worked together to put it out. That was kind of weird.

Kizl changed his form into a human as well so they could all go and explore this new place. So many sights and smells! Kizl still stayed hidden though, and just watched from afar. The other humans interacted with new humans.

The next morning they decided to go hunting for treasure in some ruins nearby, across the water. Treasure! What dragon can resist treasure? Kizl agreed to join them and flew his friends across the river. Some invetigation revealed a boat hull they could enter and explore. A ghost appeared to try and keep them away from the treasure! Zoinks! The gun Kizl charged helped scare it away, no thanks to Kizl – his one attempt at firing it hit almost eveything in the rom BUT the ghost!

The humans seemed happy to have found “treasure,” but disappointingly it was not the sort of treasure Kizl would have preferred. But he was happy his friends were happy. There was a metal walking machine that was too heavy for Kizl to carry, so they all prepared to leave and get the human John to come and walk it out of there.

Chapter 21 Part One & Two

Ruins cityPart 1

The Crazy, the Ex-Special Forces Soldier, the Juicer and the Head Hunter stared with guns aimed at the Dragon Hatchling that ran into the middle of combat to help them.

The Hatchling did not move except its eyes looking around at everyone aiming at him.

After an uncomfortable silence and then some questioning of said Dragon firearms were lowered and the Shemarrian Warrior told the group to get moving taking up the lead heading back towards the tree line and the ridge of the hill. Once at the tree line the female warrior turned east running parallel to the road they were previously traveling. It was slow going with the APC through the forest. Two from the group ran sacked the blind women for any items of value and made off with their wrist blasters.

At one point the wolves appeared at a distance, howled, and then disappeared and the Shemarrian Warrior appeared pleased.

Further through the woods a body was found slain by either a psi-sword or the Cyber Knight version across the mid section dressed in regular traveling clothes and some damage on the surrounding trees were also noticed. The man carried 180 credits and an odd shaped rifle that Kizl recognized as a Techno-Wizard gun (TK Sub-Machine Gun) and charged the rifle then handed it to Hastings. Hastings took aim and fired it.

Eventually the Shemerrian led the group back onto the road/trail leading towards the City by Three Rivers (Pittsburgh). Kizl became aware of a Rift in the area as the Shemarrian stopped in the trail. Hesitated for a moment and then continued until the group could see a Rift 500’ up in the air with water pouring out of it heavily.

Kizl took flight to investigate the Rift while the rest of the group continued on the path until they were upon a quick running creak created by the Rift. The water was shallow but with a heavy current and about 100’ wide. Char noticed a body floating down the water and followed it by the embankment for quite a ways. Kizl rejoined the group while Hastings tried to convince Kizl to throw him across the water. Kizl declined but grabbed Hastings by the back-pack to fly him to the other side. The APC followed the Monst-Rex & Shemarrian across the creak while Kizl went to find Char.

Char & Kizl recovered the body which looked alien and returned it to the APC for further investigation. Evidently the body smelled bad. Johnathan and Hastings recognized it from a previous encounter but unsure of the name. They guessed Bodhood (Brodkill) and thought it was a good time to leave. They left before being noticed by something lurking under the waterfall created pond.

Part 2

Shortly after finding the body and disposing of it the group moved forward on their way towards The City of Three Rivers when the Shemarrian Warrior announced that it would be leaving the group. Her parting words were, “The Knight should tell us everything.” The Knight was nowhere to be found and it was almost dusk.

The group continued into the dark until they arrived at a “Shanti Town” with a broken city in the background. As the group got closer to this mis-match of tents and temporary shelters it became clear this was the area to deliver the trailer attached to the APC and the broken city in the background looming at the group was The City of Three Rivers. A dead city from before the cataclysm completely dark with shadows moving through it that could not quite be seen.

Somehow Hasting had forgotten that the cargo hidden in the trailer were books. When he found out the trailer contained books he quietly go out of the APC and ignited the logs on the trailer. Kizl had some concerns what the human was doing since he still sat on top of the logs. After the logs were ignited Hastings made his way into the temporary town.

Char, Johnathan, Bert, and Kizl worked to put the fire out and make a camp site away from the town with the APC secure. After securing the area the group made their way into the Shanty Town leaving Johnathan behind to guard the APC and trailer. Kizl kept to the shadows in the Shanty Town and watched using a camouflage psychic stunt while the others took different directions through the town to find information.

Bert Redman found the contact and informed they were ready to deliver. The contact told Redman where to meet the following morning and to call in to Captain Reynolds to report. He also explained that the group should stay out of The City of Three Rivers especially at night. The city has a wearing affect on visitors and is dangerous.

The group met other beings in the town that they had never seen before among the humans. The area almost seem like a big party before an event the next day. Lavish stories were told and plenty of booze were available.

Hastings found a bar like area with lots of tables and began to drink heavily while grabbing items to juggle. As items were dropped and the crowd would cheer, Hastings would add a more dangerous item to juggle as he continued to drink.

Stories of treasure and artifacts to be found were told throughout the town of tents. When the group reunited back at the APC they all agreed to take a trip across the river and find some loot for themselves. The only problem was the late start because they would need to deliver the “goods” in the morning. Hastings had a plan and left to implement it.

Hastings made his way down to the river bank finding assortment of over a dozen different size boats. He pushed the row boats out into the water and avoided being seen by the guards. He poked holes into the larger boats 1, then 2 boats, but on the third boat he was seen and shooting began at the arson. Hastings jumped over a boat and took to underwater to avoid the guards to swim down stream until he though he was far enough away to avoid sight and went back to the APC.

Morning came and the group was rewarded with the last 1/2 of credits for the delivery and told to have the Knight contact for their next job by the next day. Char tried to get the information from the contact, but was put off for the Cyber-Knight.

Against Kizl’s wishes he flew the group to the other side of the river and when they were over the beach a shot flew and an impact with the beach rang out like a big bell. The group now landed to take cover to only see the what looked like a “Sand Person” make a barking laugh and take cover to never be seen again.

To Be Continued…..
Part 3 Coming Soon

Player Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Kizl Nelithi

Chapter 20 - FIGHT!

Inception batman theme

GM Log

The Shemmarrian Warrior led the group off the trail up a hill through underbrush until the underbrush gave way to a forest canopy at the top of the hill (Hills in Northern Ohio?). The group forged ahead picking their way through the forest with the heavy APC towing the trailer and unknown to the group Kizl following.

As Hastings approached to rejoin the group he noticed movement off to the right. As Hasting focused on the movement he saw what appeared to be a floating eye in a case and then it went into hiding. Hasting then went to inform the group of what he saw when the Shemarrian Warrior signaled the group to stop, a pause for a moment, then swung to the left with the rail gun firing thru a tree. Forward to the right a woman in dark glasses appeared from behind a tree.

Hastings and Bert went forward to engage this woman who appeared while Johnathan took to the turret of the APC and Char stayed close to the APC for guard. Some confusion whether Sir Josh was in the APC with the prisoner or had taken the prisoner away insert saving throws.

The Shemarrian Warrior told the group to retreat and get away while her and the Monst-Rex took on something coming through the woods. Kizl watched as he feared what was coming through the woods and knew what was coming. Kizl decided to reveal himself and run past the barge to distract the Splugorth Slaver and lead it away while also breathing a cloud of poisonous gas towards the foul creature.

Unfortunately, the group being composed of male chauvinist pigs can not leave a woman in distress. That woman being a Shemarrian Warrior. The Splugorth Slaver Minion kept on the attack concentrating on the Shemarrian. This allowed Bert & Hastings to battle with the Blind Woman Warrior until defeat while the APC crew focused on the attack against the Barge with the Shemarrian forces.

Kizl ran back to the group and got into the melee combat between the Blind Woman Warrior, Bert, and Hastings trying to get a bite in and missed. Someone from the APC made a shot during this melee that took the Blind Warrior down with a Dragon Hatchling standing over her looking nervous on how everyone was going to react.

The Barge finally broke with enough hits and Splugorth Minion decided to jump off the Barge and disappeared as it hit the ground. Hasting made a comment there should be 2 more blind wenches around.

Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
Kizl Nelithi

Dragon Tales, Episode 1: Kizl follows some strangers.

Kizl was just relaxing in the forest, playing with a family a squirrels, when a commotion not too far away drew his interest. He abandoned the game he was playing and, curious, cautiously stalked his way closer. Once within sight he saw some metal machines surrounded by human creatures. As he looked at them all he realized they weren’t all technically “human,” but he didn’t know what else to call a group of these creatures. Some of their metal machines were comically in the water nearby – Kizl wondered if they were suppossed to do that. After a moment of consideration, he guessed they were not.

There was definately a lot of noise coming from there, and they were all fighting each other. He saw some of the humans – the ones which looked like lizards, fighting a particular human that seemed… familiar to him, somehow. He wasn’t sure how. But he knew the lizard humans were after that human. Like a memory he only just now realized he had. It was strange. Still, with the magic being thrown around and the fighting, Kizl decided to stay low and not announce his presense. The humans could sort out their own mess. But he did carefully get closer to the one human he had recognized was in danger, so he could let him know he was in danger. After doing so he quickly fled back to the safety of the forest.

As he believed, the issues these humans all had with each other quickly sorted themselves out and they stopped their fighting. Fires were put out, metal machines were removed from the water, and everyone went their own ways. Kizl considered going back to his game with the squirrels but figured the squirrels had probably moved on by now, going back to their own business. He decided to cautiously and stealthily follow one of the group of humans and their strange metal machine. Its back half was now full of trees for some unknown reason. Kizl wondered briefly if these humans practised the magic of dead reanimation, and if they had found a way to use that magic on their machine – it seemed the only logical reason for why it was able to move at all.

Intrigued, Kizl followed them. He shifted to non-threatening forms less likely to be noticed as he travelled behind them. When he tired of maintaining those guises he stayed well camoflaged in his natural form, always keeping his distance from them. They camped for the night and talked amongst themselves inside their metal machine. Two of them remained outside, and Kizl chanced getting closer to their camp in order to see better what they were like. He felt like ti would be fun to talk with these humans, but wasn’t really sure how best to make himself known to them. He’d seen humans reacting badly to others of his kind not too long ago. He decided to cautiously try and deliver his warning about the one human to one of the others who was standing outside. He thought he made the human understand, but he also spooked them. They started darting about like ants whos home was just disturbed, and Kizl shot off back into the forest, still disguised as an ordinary housecat.

To his surprise, one of the humans ran after him, and started closing the distance between them! Kizl panicked and tried running faster, but the human was still catching up to him! In a calmer part of his mind Kizl was amazed that there were humans who could move this fast, but those thoughts were secondary to the need to get away. Once deeper into the forest Kizl shifted into a snake and burrowed under the brush, finally losing his pursuer. He watched through the underbrush as the Human slowed, stopped, then looked around perplexed. The other humans eventually came out as well, and they tried in vain to find him. They sounded worried, but their words didn’t make them sound dangerous. Maybe he could reveal himself? His instincts had him continue to hide, however, and he maintained his ruse of not being the innocent animal they were looking for.

Once all the humans went back to their metal machine Kizl finally let himself relax. He had come close to being exposed. He continued to follow them once morning came, but he kept a good distance and didn’t chance any more encounters with them. He was relieved when the fast Human who had nearly caught him left his Human friends at a town, and did not travel away from the town with the rest of them. They encountered some more humans after a while and began to all travel together. Something was wrong with these new humans, though. Kizl didn’t know what it was, but they didn’t feel right somehow. WHen one of the Humans broke off from their group to go into the woods, Kizl took that opportunity to break away as well.

Maybe this Human would be one Kizl could finally reveal himself to? Kizl pondered how he would do that until the Human stopped. Kizl stopped too, and looked at what the Human was watching. Kizl recognized his greatest fear some distance away, a creature that was definately NOT human but with human slaves, who travelled the megaverse seeking to capture wonderful beings such as himself, or his new friends. His instincts told him to run away, run away as fast and as far as he could, but be controlled his fear for the moment to see what the Human would do. The human headed back to his friends, and Kizl continued to follow – maybe they would all decide to leave? Kizl decided to keep with them in order to see how they would react to this greatest of threats to his whole race. Would the Humans side with them? Would they foolishly face it? Would they try to sneak by it?

Kizl realized at that moment he couldn’t leave these Humans behind to face the same fate he was so afraid of. He silently stuck with them, deciding he would help protect them if necessary.

Chapter 19 - Enter the Tree Dragon

GM Log

July 16, 105 PA – Actual Game Day January 16, 2013

The group was given their next package from Tier 22 for delivery going further east from Edo. The details of the delivery were given to Sir Joshuah Malley.

Bert Redman Tanner was sent ahead of the group by Captain Reynolds of Tier 22 and to rejoin the group near the Oberlin location.

About a half day of travel from the Town of Edo the group came upon a group of horse drawn wagons bunched up with the d-bee occupants hiding behind the wagons while another wagon was down into the river bank running along the trail. Bandits had hostages and were firing on the d-bees hiding behind the wagons.

Most of the group goes forward to engage the Bandits while Andrew “Drew” Logan stayed in the APC and Johnathan “Trigger” Reily took up the rear to guard the flank.

As the group went forward to engage the bandits, a wall of flame appeared from no where between the APC and the group. Most of the group did not notice the flames except Drew and Johnathan.

A creature appeared in front of Johnathan that stunned and attack him psionically into submission. Two Lizard Men appeared and started dragging Johnathan into the woods.
Meanwhile the bandits that came under fire gave up rather quickly with their arms above their heads as the group engaged.

An explosion went off behind the APC & trailer unfortunately causing the trailer to catch on fire. Over the radio it was heard “Oops, I missed” that came from another APC that shot at the Lizard Men and the Creature that had appeared. The Lizard Men dropped Johnathan still stunned in the woods to escape and the Creature disappeared.
One of the bandits, Glenn Shino, was from Sir Joshua Malley’s past and begged not to be killed in fear of Mr. Gleem.

Johnathan Riley went running into the woods to find the would-be kidnappers and anything else that may be around.

Andrew Logan drove the APC with the trailer into the river to douse the flames and keep he cargo safe.

The crazy was crazy and the captured bandits got a douse of it.
Mr. Hastings almost drowned in the shallow river when confronted with books.

The real cargo was safe in the trailer, but the fake haul was damaged by fire (Wool). The group went to work chopping down trees so it would appear they were hauling logs. <cause>

The group took Glenn Shino as a traveling captive inside the APC and traveled a bit further until dusk when they set up camp.
Further interrogation of Glenn Shino until he passed out from bleeding.

Something began whispering to Char from the dark.
Johnathan Riley sees with night vision a cat walking around and approaches it. Cat runs unnaturally too fast away. Andrew Logan takes pursuit. Finds nothing.
Arguments began and ended with everyone pulling guns and one missile launcher on each other.

Calm prevailed and the group took watches through the night.

Early morning the group is underway and enters the outskirts of Oberlin.
Andrew Logan enters the city and misses deadline to meet the group. Radio’s in and when he returns he has a smile on his face. Thoughts of possession or imposter run rampant until they confirm it is Andrew Logan. Drew has found his mother and is taking leave from the group. Heart felt apologies are given except from Johnathan who walks away sniffling.

The group continues their trek to deliver the goods to the outskirts of City of Three Rivers.

Further east the group is met with an intimidating 8’ Woman in Armor waiting in the middle of the road with her beast waiting at the side of the road. She announces that the group is entering a Shemarrian area and she will escort them through the area because there are slavers about. She recognizes the Cyber-Knight and makes it a point to inform him he was followed out of the village 2 months ago by 3 heavily armed men. one of which scalp is on her shoulder. She informs Sir Malley that he should help with information unlike he did with her sister a couple months ago regarding the village.
She turns from the group and starts leading the way without waiting for an answer.

Along the way the Shemarrian stops and gives the signal to be quiet. She informs the group that a slaver is running an intercept course to their path. The Shemarrian begins leading the group through the woods. Slow going with the APC.

Hastings goes the opposite direction to do some recon on the slavers from afar using binoculars and tree tops. He sees a horrific monster on a barge and after some time finds a way to report in before heading back to the group.

To Be Continued…….

Diary of a Madman: Chapter Banana

Why not juggle? Juggling would be easier. Work is hard, people expect things done the right way always very picky. Why am I here again? Someone told me to meet them here. Or was that years ago. The time seems to blur together I can’t tell yesterday from tomorrow anymore, but so what, it’s all the same.

I miss the woods, trees were easy to climb and the leaves didn’t look at you funny when you said what you were thinking. Back in the city there isn’t anything to climb, at least not without getting yelled at. Oh that woman was so mean, who cares if she wasn’t wearing anything, I wasn’t up there to look at here, just the flowers in the box. They were so nice.

But then she screamed… I almost killed her… why did I do that?

It would have been easy though, a single shot to the head, a flick of the knife. Hell, just choke her with the towel till her life faded right away. So many easy ways to kill. She just made me so angry.


I just took the flower. I didn’t leave her there bleeding and dying. I couldn’t do that.

Maybe that is why they came after me? I took the flower and next thing I know the men are chasing me through the streets, running after me. Yelling at me. I just want to be left alone! Why don’t they understand that!

I had to get away, find some help to take them out. They are fast, but I’m bouncy.

I lead them through alleys and bends, through buildings and out the other side. Over and under I twist and turn. The running is fun. It is almost like a game of tag and then the window next to me explodes as they shoot and I forget it isn’t a game.

There! A door, that is where I’m going. I’m supposed to meet someone, someone who I haven’t met except a long time ago! I dive through it and look around. The pig is not who I expected to see. Neither is the cow.

Wrong door.

No matter, out the other side and on again, I hope they don’t kill the pig it would be a waste of good meat. Now I remember, not the third left, but the fourth. I double back, they are still on me – good, not as fun if they get lost. Now here we go, down to the water front.

There, this must be the right door. It was, the robot… now I remember. Drew. Funny seeing him here. Oh well, time to shoot some things.


The commander didn’t like his hat. I don’t know why not, hats are good disguises. More work soon, leaving the city – not fast enough. The city is boring now. The people after me went away, and I lost my flower. Maybe I’ll go back and get another one, but they might be waiting there.

I miss Drew. And Drew misses someone, I don’t know, something happened today that made me sad and I’m not sure why.

There is a new person too, Char. He is strange. I think he might be crazy. But that’s okay – I’ll just keep an eye on him. Drew says we’ll see Josh soon. I miss the horse, he was good at listening. I guess I miss Josh too.

I like these people, they remind me of the leaves.

GM Insert – Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Andrew “Drew” Logan

Drew's Mental Logs Entry #24

Andrew “Drew” Logan
Wake up in the town of Edo. Again. Run system diagnostic check.

Systems at 100% operational efficiency.

Arrive in common room area. Food looks bleak. Waiting on my companions new and old. A new person shows up, seems odd. Vision scans don’t note anything odd.

Run system memory check.

The new kid arrives. Those two begin talking. I’m not interested in their personal business nor in making more small talk. As they converse I move to another table. Still no Josh or John. Odd.

System memory storage returns with sector errors. I will need to have that device replaced soon before I lose all the data I have stored.

Sounds of movement and combat erupt from outside. I turn to react and see Hastings somersault through the door. He greets me and runs back out. I follow.

Several men are fighting him. I don’t like these odds, and I don’t mind Hastings. I help him repel them. I haven’t scrapped in a while, this feels… like stretching, I think. A Coalition squad interrupts the fight and our opponents try to run. We surrender to the Coalition. No resistance means no perceived guilt. Our opponents are captured. Stupid fools.

Diagnostic scan shows all systems still at 100% operational efficiency.

We are quickly let go and return to the waiting room. Hastings joins us SYSTEM FILE RECOVERY ERROR 41278 ////01101001011001100110111101110010011001110110111101110100//// all follow me to this towns outdoor marketplace as I search for the woman named Carrie. I hope the Coalition soldier’s information is good.

My mother was named Carrie. Weird coincidence as I search for leads to my brother.

Local vendor tells us she is in another town. I intend to go but… I should part with John and Josh on good terms first. Their whereabouts are still unknown. Puzzling. I check to see if their transportation is still here. It is.

I decide to install the turret in Johns APC. Maybe he will show up while I am working. He doesn’t. My technical skills are rusty but I believe I did a serviceable job.

Nothing else of note today. Tomorrow we should leave on a “job,” if Josh and John show back up. I am a little… annoyed they did not say anything to me. I will meet with this woman Carrie as we travel and discuss Trent with her. I do not know if I will finish the job with these companions or leave them. I’ve never had a lead like this before. I think it’s time I found my brother.

GM Insert – Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Andrew “Drew” Logan

John Reily's take.......
Reily beginning

Johnathan “Trigger” Reily

Drew and I sat in the little hole in the floor of a bar, on the outskirts of Chi-Town, and drank, joined by a fellow whom we didn’t know. Not sure if I wanted too either, but his credits were good and he paid for the pitcher of swill. I call it swill cause they had nothing worth pouring into a vehicle, let alone a human (or cyborg). Then, it happened….

That noble headed, chivalric, cyber-knight, Sir “josh.0” showed up. If drew knew he was fronting the job and didn’t tell me, I’ll dismember him in his sleep….but….I digress. Sir “leaps a lot” gave us some details, not all mind you, about the job. Something was off though, our white knight was a bit less squeaky clean and a bit more….grey. Maybe he wouldn’t be so intolerable to work with, maybe he wasn’t as bad as I remember. In any case, the job was simple, haul supplies to some people in need in EDO. From Chi-Town….what was I thinking. Oh I remember, there’s a few people in EDO with some debts to pay, and if all goes right, I may just get the nuclear engine for the death wagon. And get my name off the blacklist.

Drew’s internal clock would have been more accurate, but somewhere between 10 and 11, we caught up with Sir Loin, of the bovine, and hooked up what appeared to be an armored trailer to the APC. Drew parked his hovercraft ON the trailer and tool up residence in the turret bay of the APC. I say turret bay, as the turret itself was non-existent , and an elaborate hatch made from a bank vault door was in its place. Our new “caffeinated” friend rode alongside as guard, as did our employer, whom I’m starting to like at this point. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t best buds or anything, but I think I’ll stop making up names for him and just go with “Josh.1”. A minor upgrade to our last dealings.

This is the part where life gets…..interesting. I was there at Groc’s compound the day the hand of god decided to come out of the heaven and give the shocker to old Groc and his crew, so the beam emanating from the sky was no new thing. What was new was that it hit Chi-town….Let me say that again, just to impart some seriousness to it, IT HIT CHI-TOWN…..Within seconds the air was ablaze with coalition forces, all moving toward the city proper, and radio reports were sketchy, but it sounded like they had said the emperor was dead….if that is true, then we are in for a whole heap of trouble in the months to come.

We however pressed on. I’m not about to stick my neck out for the emperor, alive or dead, and since he wasn’t footing the bill for our delivery, I was all about the job, however, watching a well defended and powerful city get struck by something that only Cross would use, (speaking of which?) leaves us all with a bit of paranoia.

As we drove, our escorts (josh.1 and “burnt?”) noted another APC behind us, matching our speed. We decided to let them pass and proceeded to keep them about 200ft in front of us. Scout/decoy/fodder, call it what you will, my instincts paid off. There was an ambush, and they were looking to take us. But they got the 1st APC instead. See launched some missiles and the cyber knight started screaming! Something about magic/fire and big monster. Kinda garbled, but it made me hesitate for a second. Long enough to ponder hitting the lead APC with a volley of HE missiles. Then I remembered, the HE were in the shed out behind the outhouse near the shop. I’d have to do with plasma missiles instead. One volley and the beast lay dead. APC saved and crew unhurt. What are the odds? Damn I’m good.

We let the first APC go ahead of us, why not, they are now our DD (for those of you not in the know, that’s “designated decoy”). Time for a nap, Drew can drive..

A Little Later….

So much for a nap! That APC we let get ahead of us must have met an untimely demise. There are flames and wreckage ahead. The wreckage looks clean though, no blood or bodies, tracks leading off to the southeast. The guards are on it. Drew checked the wreckage and found some supplies we could use. Good, the previous owners don’t look like they’ll be needing them. We are sitting ducks here……got to keep moving. 35mph and the guards can catch up.

Radio contact has Josh.1 and Burt followed the tracks and found what looks like the remains of a beast, right limb missing. No personnel from the APC. No sign of them, but there is really no time for a detailed inquiry into it. We need to get out of here. This road is poised to take us out if we let it.

But it begs the question, why would a magical creature, only affected by fire, even care about a convoy of food. never mind the fact that it’s happening right after the empire was assaulted. No coalition support? Coincidentally, these creatures appeared to have been waiting for us for some time, why didn’t the coalition even detect this? Who knows, but maybe, just maybe, the food we’re hauling is just a cover, or worse yet, we’re just a decoy.

The guards are back, nothing really to report. We are pressing on, and on high alert. Swing shift on driving detail. Guess the cot is gonna be home tonight, I hate sleeping in my armor…..

To be continued…….

GM Insert – Characters Present:
Bert Redman Tanner
Johnathan “Trigger” Reily
Sir Joshuah Malley
Andrew “Drew” Logan


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