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ADVERTISEMENT: Eat at Jim’s Cookhouse. Meat & Vegetarian platters plus whatever the catch of the day brings in! Open for Lunch & Dinner. Go to Jim’s on Marketplace Street.

ADVERTISEMENT: Visiting Edo to rest and relax between missions or assignments? Why not enjoy a drink at Edo GentleMale’s Club.

ADVERTISEMENT: Looking to get juiced? Want top-grade installations without paying top-grade prices? Look no further. We also install Cybernetics and Bionics. Board certified specialists Dr. Zachary Keller and Dr. Doreen Robbins.

HIRING: Edo Transportation is looking for drivers. Must complete & pass driver safety course after hire. Contact Edo Transportation at City Garage (East Side). JOB 1072

HIRING: Traveling Mercenaries needed to guard transport to neighboring cities & ports. Must provide protection for merchandise and own support vehicles. Short & Long Term Contracts Available. Pay in accordance with experience. See Tier 22 Company on Marketplace Street. JOB 1702

HIRING: Edo is looking for a good few beings to join its Elite Guard. Protect our home! See EDO Recruiting on Marketplace Street. JOB 1418

HIRING: Edo GentleMale’s is hiring attractive females of all races for our upscale adult entertainment club. Those with tattoos or scars need not apply. JOB 1647

HIRING: Jim’s Cookhouse is looking for a quick order cook. Apply in person at Jim’s Cookhouse on Marketplace Street. JOB 1241

BOUNTY: I’ve got sometin big an smelly in me basement. Payin top bucks to git rid of it. Come to 126 Mercator, an ask for Gralek.

INFORMATION: Paying Top Credits for any information pertaining to the missing Major Jim of Edo <owner>. Leave contact information with Edo Elite Guard HQ.

INFORMATION: Paying Coalition State Credits for information regarding escaped convicts from CS penitentiary. Convicts are Dangerous D-Bees & Magic Users. Contact CS Embassy on Govern Street.

Edo Ads 105 PA

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