History - 105 PA

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105 P.A. (2391 A.D.)

By the early part of the year, word has spread about the cure available for Juicers. Most flock to Newtown, deserting old posts and rallying under the new agreement for the cure. [Juicer Uprising, p.136.]

The Juicer cure is revealed to be a fraud after a misunderstanding with two Juicers. The so-called Juicer Army of Liberation rises to do battle with the Coalition, who they blame for the fraud. They soon take over the city of Newtown and the CS is paralyzed by indecision and shock. [Juicer Uprising, pp.136-146. Very summarized.] p. After studying Newtown UTI facilities, it is discovered that the Phoenix Treatment was in fact a plot to gain control of a Juicer army by an alien race. The Juicers defeat the aliens and the Coalition claims they were pawns of the aliens. Thousands of Juicers return, embittered by the failure. [Juicer Uprising, pp.147-155. Very summarized.]

Joanna Prosek is returned after Lord Coake and his allies supposedly

liberate her from her prison that she was in for three years. She brings back a tale of emotional and mental torture and her subsequent rescue and explanation of a humane vision of mages and supernatural creatures living in harmony with humans, and that it was possible. While gently not calling it brainwashing, it enraged the Emperor and provoked what would later be his Crusade for Humanity. [Federation of Magic, pp.29-30.] p. The Emperor gives a speech entitled “The Crusade for Humanity.” Highlights include a new Coalition Army, acceptance of Iron Heart as a major manufacturer, the candidacy of Arkansas into the Coalition, the recognition of Ishpeming and Manistique Imperium as allies and the declaration of war against Naruni Enterprises, and most surprisingly, the announcement of Quebec’s traitorous actions and its consequences. [War Campaign, pp.9-12, summarized.]

Northern Guns population explodes over the past few years. The

population is now approximately 400,000. [Canada, p.18. — Added by Magus, 08/12/2000] p. Xiticix Population jumps to 1.6 million from 350,000 in 100 P.A. [Canada, p.73. — Added by Magus, 08/12/2000] p. Plato makes a statement in the Summer to the people of Lazlo about the Xiticix problem. [Canada, pp.73-74. — Added by Magus, 08/12/2000] p. Triax co-develops the Mini-HUD System. [Free Quebec, p.44. It says it’s an experimental system, so they would have just gotten it. — Added by Magus, 08/12/2000]

Old Bones population reaches 70,000 people.
July 13, 105 PA
Laser Bombardment on ChiTown in the afternoon.

History - 105 PA

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