In 101 P.A., a random group of people became embroiled in a plot they did not understand. These men unwittingly foiled it and split up into the North American continent. Today, their involvement still remembered by those who planned it, they have gathered together again. If you have a problem… if no-one else can help… and you can find them… maybe you can hire… The J-Team.

July 13, 105PA
Excerpt from John Reily’s Take
This is the part where life gets…..interesting. I was there at Groc’s compound the day the hand of god decided to come out of the heaven and give the shocker to old Groc and his crew, so the beam emanating from the sky was no new thing. What was new was that it hit Chi-town….Let me say that again, just to impart some seriousness to it, IT HIT CHI-TOWN…..Within seconds the air was ablaze with coalition forces, all moving toward the city proper, and radio reports were sketchy, but it sounded like they had said the emperor was dead….if that is true, then we are in for a whole heap of trouble in the months to come.

ChiTown was hit by a powerful beam that came from the heavens while the Emperor made an announcement. Our group of adventurers found themselves carrying a profitable trailer behind their APC when this “Event” happens. While making their delivery of cargo, enemies of a lifetime ago began to appear and follow.

Here is there story.

Rifts RPG Re-Starting 105 PA In North America

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