Tales of Redemption

Dragon Tales, Episode 1: Kizl follows some strangers.

Kizl was just relaxing in the forest, playing with a family a squirrels, when a commotion not too far away drew his interest. He abandoned the game he was playing and, curious, cautiously stalked his way closer. Once within sight he saw some metal machines surrounded by human creatures. As he looked at them all he realized they weren’t all technically “human,” but he didn’t know what else to call a group of these creatures. Some of their metal machines were comically in the water nearby – Kizl wondered if they were suppossed to do that. After a moment of consideration, he guessed they were not.

There was definately a lot of noise coming from there, and they were all fighting each other. He saw some of the humans – the ones which looked like lizards, fighting a particular human that seemed… familiar to him, somehow. He wasn’t sure how. But he knew the lizard humans were after that human. Like a memory he only just now realized he had. It was strange. Still, with the magic being thrown around and the fighting, Kizl decided to stay low and not announce his presense. The humans could sort out their own mess. But he did carefully get closer to the one human he had recognized was in danger, so he could let him know he was in danger. After doing so he quickly fled back to the safety of the forest.

As he believed, the issues these humans all had with each other quickly sorted themselves out and they stopped their fighting. Fires were put out, metal machines were removed from the water, and everyone went their own ways. Kizl considered going back to his game with the squirrels but figured the squirrels had probably moved on by now, going back to their own business. He decided to cautiously and stealthily follow one of the group of humans and their strange metal machine. Its back half was now full of trees for some unknown reason. Kizl wondered briefly if these humans practised the magic of dead reanimation, and if they had found a way to use that magic on their machine – it seemed the only logical reason for why it was able to move at all.

Intrigued, Kizl followed them. He shifted to non-threatening forms less likely to be noticed as he travelled behind them. When he tired of maintaining those guises he stayed well camoflaged in his natural form, always keeping his distance from them. They camped for the night and talked amongst themselves inside their metal machine. Two of them remained outside, and Kizl chanced getting closer to their camp in order to see better what they were like. He felt like ti would be fun to talk with these humans, but wasn’t really sure how best to make himself known to them. He’d seen humans reacting badly to others of his kind not too long ago. He decided to cautiously try and deliver his warning about the one human to one of the others who was standing outside. He thought he made the human understand, but he also spooked them. They started darting about like ants whos home was just disturbed, and Kizl shot off back into the forest, still disguised as an ordinary housecat.

To his surprise, one of the humans ran after him, and started closing the distance between them! Kizl panicked and tried running faster, but the human was still catching up to him! In a calmer part of his mind Kizl was amazed that there were humans who could move this fast, but those thoughts were secondary to the need to get away. Once deeper into the forest Kizl shifted into a snake and burrowed under the brush, finally losing his pursuer. He watched through the underbrush as the Human slowed, stopped, then looked around perplexed. The other humans eventually came out as well, and they tried in vain to find him. They sounded worried, but their words didn’t make them sound dangerous. Maybe he could reveal himself? His instincts had him continue to hide, however, and he maintained his ruse of not being the innocent animal they were looking for.

Once all the humans went back to their metal machine Kizl finally let himself relax. He had come close to being exposed. He continued to follow them once morning came, but he kept a good distance and didn’t chance any more encounters with them. He was relieved when the fast Human who had nearly caught him left his Human friends at a town, and did not travel away from the town with the rest of them. They encountered some more humans after a while and began to all travel together. Something was wrong with these new humans, though. Kizl didn’t know what it was, but they didn’t feel right somehow. WHen one of the Humans broke off from their group to go into the woods, Kizl took that opportunity to break away as well.

Maybe this Human would be one Kizl could finally reveal himself to? Kizl pondered how he would do that until the Human stopped. Kizl stopped too, and looked at what the Human was watching. Kizl recognized his greatest fear some distance away, a creature that was definately NOT human but with human slaves, who travelled the megaverse seeking to capture wonderful beings such as himself, or his new friends. His instincts told him to run away, run away as fast and as far as he could, but be controlled his fear for the moment to see what the Human would do. The human headed back to his friends, and Kizl continued to follow – maybe they would all decide to leave? Kizl decided to keep with them in order to see how they would react to this greatest of threats to his whole race. Would the Humans side with them? Would they foolishly face it? Would they try to sneak by it?

Kizl realized at that moment he couldn’t leave these Humans behind to face the same fate he was so afraid of. He silently stuck with them, deciding he would help protect them if necessary.


Old_Man_at_the_Gate Tokobauzsos

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