Tales of Redemption

Game Log Chapter 25

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Game Log Chapter 25
July 23, 105 PA

Johnathan is scaling his way down the outside of the hospital stops at the 5th floor.
Kizl on the first floor is told the Ogre up stairs is hoarding all the gold.
Hastings gets inside the range of the shadow spell and goes toe to toe with the Ogre.
The Ogre grabs Hastings by the head.
Hastings gets a slice in with his vibro sword.
The Ogre tries to throw Hastings out a window, but Hastings holds onto the Ogre.
Ogre than slams Hastings into the floor like a whip then throws Hastings out the window.
Johnathan makes his way into a window of the 4th floor and makes a shot on the Ogre then makes his way back out. Just after Johnathan makes his shot on the Ogre, Kizl appears on the 4th floor door/stairway.
While the action continues on the 4th floor the rest of the party makes their way outside along with the two “patients” from the 3rd floor.
Doc Wendell and Bert Redman take the “patients” back to the river to Shanty town.
Johnathan makes his way down to the robot while Ronaldo, ToeKar, and Char are watching for any Bone Fiends.
Kizl is scanning the room for treasure while watching the zombies move around the room. Kizl uses his gas breathe to attack the area Johnathan made his shot previously towards a dark shadow.
Hastings although thrown out a 4th floor window is in a “Crazy” rage rolls with the impact and goes running back into the building to charge the Ogre. Char sees Hastings reenter the building and follows him up the stairs.
Hastings runs past Kizl to engage the Ogre but is instead greeted by the zombies. Kizl joins Hastings in the battle against the zombies.
Char makes his way up to the 4th floor and discovers there are more undead making their way down the stairs and begins to hold off the flank for Kizl & Hastings.
Outside ToeKar, Ronaldo and Johnathan discover they are being watched and surrounded by the Bone Fiends hiding from around the corners of different buildings. Johnathan begins shooting with the robot at the building corners to try and bury the Bone Fiends.
Char holds off the mummies for a while until he decides he is going to get overwhelmed ad returns down the stairs to exit announcing his exit to Kizl & Hastings although Hastings is in a blind rage and hears nothing.
Kizl and Char with enhanced hearing hear loud military helicopters.
Ronaldo makes his way to the western corner of the hospital with ToeKar following where he knows there are Bone Fiends waiting. Ronaldo turns the corner with an “aha” and begins battle with 3 Bone Fiends with ToeKar following. The Bone Fiends are defeated.
Back on the 4th floor, Hastings & Kizl battle zombies until there are none to find the Ogre laying face down on the floor. Hastings tries to pick up the Ogre so he can throw him out the window only to find the Ogre was playing “possum”. The Ogre grabs Hastings while Hastings decides to still throw the Ogre out the window. Kizl flies out the window trying to slow the decent of Hastings by grabbing the ball of flesh (Ogre & Hastings). Kizl succeeds and lets go just as the fighting ball hits the ground rolling away from Kizl. Both Hastings and the Ogre roll to their feet ready to fight.
The Ogre finds himself surrounded in a crossfire of the entire group and decides to high tale it out of there. Johnathan pursues in the robot with Char and Hastings following.
The Ogre is being peppered by the Johnathan in the robot as he runs and makes a corner trying to flee at least some of the gunfire following. Char advances with Hastings in time for Char to make another head shot on the Ogre before rounding another corner. The Ogre falls to the ground.
While part of the group chases the Ogre, Ronaldo latches onto Kizl as he climbs the exterior of the hospital to look for the “noise” (helicopters). With enhanced vision the dragon can see papers being thrown out the helicopters that are all black with some skull symbol on the side. The helicopters then leave the area.
Johnathan places the robot on the Ogre and begins to sever the head from the body. An un-earthly scream is heard for miles.
Hastings continues to stab the body with a silver plated vibro sword.
who carried the head back?
A decision to leave is made because the group realizes they are close to the church area when they slayed the Ogre. The group returns to the beach to hire a boat to return to camp via the “Shanty” town area.
Smooth boat ride across the water with no “monster from the deep” showing its jaws.
The group finds flyers that the Coalition Helicopters were littering the launch and town area with. Johnathan and Hastings recognize the face while the rest decide it is a good target to get some money. While Johnathan tries to explain this wanted guy is trouble and good luck getting money out of the Coalition, Hasting upholsters his pistol and shoots the poster point blank in his hand. Luckily no one was a back board since Hasting did not look where the shot was going to go.
The group begins making their way to camp when Kizl decides to teleport back. Kizl finds 2 dead bodies and another half dead person laying against the APC. Kizl turned to find two bi-pedal dragon looking things standing guard to the path of the APC.
Kizl alerted the group and then tried to intimidate the two things with a loud roar that was heard for far around. The closer thing attacked Kizl while trying to bite and claw while Kizl did the same back. The remaining “Yema” was preparing a spell when the robot piloted by Johnathan towing Ronaldo made camp. Johnathan began firing on the back of the Yema that disturbed the spell while Ronaldo was launched forward into the Yema for a body block tackle. Char arrived next to help Johnathan and Ronaldo dispatch the Yema while Kizl continued fighting the other Yema.
ToeKar arrived just as Kizl separated himself from the Yema and with a psychic shot of fire disintegrated the Yema into ash.
A stranger badly hurt rests against the APC in dire need of medical attention.

Edit: Some Changes from the “others” segment.
Found around the APC after the Yema are destroyed.
There is a dead dwarf that had his neck broken near the tree line near the APC. The turret has been blown off the APC and is sitting on the behind “camp” side. The APC appears to be locked and the stranger is a woman who is injured, but does not appear to be life threatening although she is unresponsive and has her eyes wide open. No other dead bodies outside.


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