Bert Redman Tanner

Young Juicer


Name: Bert Redman Tanner S.D.C.: 242 H.P.: 78 X.P. 3725
Other Aliases: Burnt
O.C.C.: Juicer
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level/Experience: ___2
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Attributes: Attribute Bonuses:
IQ: 13
ME: 10
MA: 23 75% Trust/Intimidate
PS: 22 +7 SDC dmg / 1 MD Power Punch
PP: 18 +2 Strike/Dodge/Parry
PE: 15
PB: 16 30% Charm/Impress
Spd: 71 Approx 47 mph

HTH Combat Bonuses:
Attacks: 6
Strike: +2
Parry: +2
Dodge: +3
Roll: +8
Initiative: +4
Pull Punch: +4
Disarm: +2

Modern WPs:
Aimed: +5
Called Shot: +5
Burst: +1
Perception: +2

HTH moves:
Punch 1d4
Roll w/impact
Kick 1d8
Knee 1d
Power punch x2
Pull punch
Elbow 1d
Tackle 1d4
Power Kick x2

Saving Throws:
Spell Magic 12
Ritual Magic 16
Psionics 15
Letal Poison 14
Non-Lethal Poison 16
Harmful Drugs 15
Insanity 12
Pain 14
Disease 14

Saving Throw Bonuses:
vs Coma/Death +20%
vs Horror Factor
vs Mind Control
vs Magic
vs Psionics +4
vs Poison/Gas/Drugs +8
vs Disease
vs Illusions

OCC Skills: %/LVL

Language: American 92%/1% SPANISH 60%/3% LANGUAGE 60%/3%
-Sense of Balance 75%/5%
-Walk Tightrope 75%/5%
-Climb Rope 95%/2%
-Back Flip 75%/5%
Climbing 75%/65% / 5%
Land Navigation 41%/4%
Pilot: Motorcycle 70%/4% Auto 70%/4%
Radio: Basic 55%/5%
Recognize weapon quality 35%/5%
Swimming 60%/5%
WP:Energy Pistols and Rifles
WP:Wilderness Survival 35%/5%

Other Skills: /LVL
Detect Ambush 35
Sniper +2
Track/Trap Animals 30%/40%/5%
Prowl 47%
WP: Sword
WP: Heavy Military Weapons
Imitate Voices/Sounds 48%/42%/4%

Secondary Skills:
Sewing 40%/5%
First Aid 45%/5%

Special Abilities:
Lift 4x normal human of same P.S. ( lift 3520 lbs.)
Carry 4x than a normal human of same P.S. (carry 1760 lbs.)
Requires only 3hrs. of sleep a night
Can last up to 5 days without sleep
Uses augmented strength table
Can leap 20’ high ans 30’ across with small running start
Can leap10’ high and 15’ across from standstill
Heals 4x faster than a normal human
No penalties for damage taken until down to 5HP or less
+1 to dodge/auto doge at levels 1/3/6/9/12
No fear of heights
Last 10x more than a humann before being exhausted
-Prolonged combat can last 10hrs. before suffering penalties
- Will endure " Heavy Exertion" fro 10 hrs. with no penalties
- Can run half speed for 10 hrs. without exhaustion
-Can run full speed for 25 miles without exhaustion
-Can hold his deadlift weight for up to 7 1/2 minutes.



My tale is shared by many like myself. Born and raised in the small town of Edo. I’m an only child . My parents were hard working, part of a struggling middle class. My grandmother took care of me during the day and after school. Dinner was always ready and waiting for my parents after they came home from making deliveries.

They had a small cargo transport business. We were fortunate. The CS were good to my parents. They were allowed to lease a military converted or stripped down AFC-050. This airship is massive! It strikes fear in you when looking at it! A few of these were leased to companies the CS deemed worthy. They were a team, delivering supplies for the Coalition States to towns that were popping up. It seemed to be a good way to earn a living. Making deliveries outside the town was risky. They always downplayed it and didn’t talk about it much. There was always food on the table and clothes on my back. I was taken care of,I had a good life.

In my early teenage years I began to understand just how hard life was. I started to notice little things like all the extra work that went into making the AFC-050 extra armoured. My parents not sleeping well and their stress levels going up. Things like that. I burried those concerns and went on living my life. I was old enough to start working. My parents wouldn’t even consider me working for them! They weren’t to thrilled about me working for other companies outside Edo.

One day they were late for dinner. I figured they had extra deliveries that day and that was the reason they were late. After 3 hours past, I called the dispatcher to see what was going on. He said someone from the office would call me when they knew what was up. Thats when I got a real uneasy feeling. My worst fears were confirmed. My parents were atacked by bandits. The tranporter was blown up and the contents were taken. There bodies were identified through medical records.

Shortly after that my grandmother passed. I was all alone in a cruel world. Before I knew it, I was hanging with the wrong crowd and getting into lots of trouble. I had a drinking problem and an attitude problem. I was getting in to to many fights and spending the night in jail to often. The death of my parents changed me forever. All I wanted to do is find out who killed them.

One day after a hard nights worth of drinking, feeling like I hit rock bottom, I decided to become a juicer. Screw it, anything was better than my life at the moment. now I had the tools to destroy anything in my path. After the conversion, all I could see was red! Time to kick some ass!

Bert Redman Tanner

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