Ronaldo Escobar

Bionic Mexican Headhunter


O.C.C.: Momano Headhunter
R.C.C.: Nega-Psychic
Alignment: Unprincipled
Level: One
XP: 0
Height: 6’2 (Tall)
Weight: 198 lbs
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Family Origin: Unknown
Disposition: Aggressive and Driven

IQ:13 ME:19 MA:13 PS:14 PP:19 PE:14 PB:12 Spd:21
H.P.: , S.D.C.: , M.D.C.:215 P.P.E.:15 , I.S.P.:0

Known Arsenal:
TW Lightblade Sword
TW Silver Plated Vibrosword


H2H: Martial Arts

Known Skills:
Literacy: Spanish
Literacy: Demongogian
Lore: Demon & Monster
Lore: Magic & Ley Lines
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic
Play Musical Instrument: Guitar
Astronomy & Navigation
Basic Math
Radio: Basic
Computer Operation
Tracking: Humonoids
Land Navigation
Wilderness Survival
Read Sensory Equipment
Pilot: Hovercycle

Special Abilities:
Closed to the Supernatural
Enhanced Healing
immune to MC & Illusion
Immune to Possesion
Magic Imperviousness

Disrupt Magic
Suppress Fear
Deaden Senses
Summon inner Strength
Group Mind Block
Physical Ability lvl 1
Physical Ability lvl 2

Multi-Optioc Eye
Bionic Lung
Sensor Forearm
Bionic Arm

  • DNA Analyzer
  • Neural Stinger
  • Fingerjack
  • Amplified hearing
  • LGL-31 Grapnel & Launcher

Background Summary:
[Environment Growing Up]
[Initial Reason for Adventuring]
[Sentiments toward the Coalition]
[Sentiments toward Non-Humans]

Reportersmall Mr. Escobar, thank you for allowing me to interview you, we’ve heard so much about you!
W ssmall Jennifer, please, call me Ronaldo! And it my pleasure to simply be in your company, would you care for a drink?
Reportersmall Oh! No thank you Mr…. Ronaldo, I don’t partake while on the job. Shall we get started?
W ssmall Of course! Of course! Please, ask a-way!
Reportersmall In your autobiography you mention that you were born in Spain, and moved to Mexico at a young age, is that right?
W ssmall Si, although, not by choice. You see, I grew up on the beautiful coastal town of Valencia! Until the Splugorth slavers came.
Reportersmall Splugorth slavers! Oh my! How ever did you escape them?
W ssmall Well, Jennifer, it wasn’t easy, but even as a boy, I was a tough nut to crack! Not to get bogged down in details, I lost an arm in the escape and started swimming to the mainland. A pod of dolphins came to my aide and snuck me under the search parties and delivered me to shore.
Reportersmall That is quite a fantastic story!
W ssmall What can I say? I lead a fantastic life! And that was only the beginning! In my book, you can read all about how I befriended the cat people of Peru, battled the Vampire hordes of Mexico, and united the Lizard Men of he southern continent by beating a dragon at a battle of wits! On sale now at a bookshop near you!
Reportersmall Well thank you Ronaldo! It’s been a pleasure to interview you.
W ssmall Thank YOU Jennifer. Now about that drink…..

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Ronaldo Escobar

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