Shela Diag

Battle Magus


Shela Diag
Level: 3
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 160 lbs
Alignment: Scrupulous
IQ 14
ME 14
MA 10
PS 17 (2)
PP 19 (
2 Strike, Parry, Dodge)
PE 16 (4%/1)
PB 12
Spd 20
Demon Lore 55%
American 90%
American Literacy 50%
2 Languages
Basic Math 75%
Intelligence 55%
Tracking 55%
Land Navigation 59%
Horsemanship 82%/66%
Detect Ambush 50%
Interrogation 50%
Camouflage 40%
trap/mine Detection 40%
Prowl 35%
WP Sword
WP Paired Weapons (Men at Arms)
WP Staff
WP Knife
WP Energy Rifle
WP Energy Pistol
HtH – Martial Arts
6 Attacks
+4 Initiative (
5 w/quick draw weapon – hand gun & energy blast)
+4 Roll w/Impact
+3 Parry & Dodge
+2 Strike
+5 Pull Punch
+2 Disarm

+1 To All Aimed or Called Shots
+1 vs mind control
+2 vs possession
+2 vs Horror Factor

PPE: 102
Battle Magus Spells
Manipulate Objects
Lantern of Light
Globe of Daylight
Armor of Ithan
Breathe without Air
Death trance
Magic Shield
Ricochet Strike
Light Target
Energy Bolt
Fire Bolt
Circle of Flame
Electric Arc
Throwing Stones
Orb of Cold
Fist of Fury
Power Weapon
+3 Offensive/Combat Spells (1-4th level)
+1 Defensive or Evasion Spell (1-4th level)


Miss Diag is a member of the Federation of Magic, but with allegiance to the city of Dweomer. She has been in service since her training for about a year and her training took a few years.

The recent “bombing” in Chi-Town caught everyone off guard even the Federation of Magic (FM). While some within the Federation rejoice, the population of Dweomer have great apprehension. That apprehension was realized to be correct when the Coalition declared they had found evidence in the “Magic Zone” and the mechanization of war has begun in the Coalition territories.

FM Spies within the Coalition States (CS) have found out what the “declared” evidence is and that it was planted by the CS. The part was delivered in the town of Dayton by Irwin Laster to Greg Peterson. The Federation of Magic has sent out several groups undercover to find either of these men and this has been about a week ago. Since then flyers have been appearing Wanted for Irwin Laster and Greg Peterson by the CS. Shela Diag is one of these “men” who has gone undercover to find either of these people of interest to disprove the CS claims. She has both posters.

Shela is keeping her abilities low key to anyone around especially since the CS have been hyper active. The CS has already hit several villages in the area with hit & run tactics (Blitzkrieg). She wears simple body armor and carries a energy rifle openly with her special stuff packed in her back pack along with a sword clipped to her belt.

About a day ago during her searching and believing she may have a clue of the where-about of Laster, she was approached by Glenn Shino for a job that appears to be going the same direction she is searching. Something seems amiss about Mr. Shino that she is very careful around him while doing this “job”. This job of breaking and entering while leaving a couple guards does not bother her although the guards have not been revealed.

Side note:
Miss Diag is one of the patrols that found Mr. Charles (Char) after his dissecting & partial conversion. Her group brought Charles to their doctors and they helped him the best they could. They were unable to help with his memory. Shela knows that Charles may not remember her and to use caution until he realizes she is not a foe.

Shela Diag

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